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Award Winning Home Renovation Company in Calgary

"We are honored to have been awarded the Calgary Grand Award of Renovator of the Year for the second time."

Kay2 Contracting is proud to provide luxury home renovation services in Calgary. We’re proud to have been featured in several notable outlets for our achievements, and you can read more about our awards and recognitions below. If you’d like to get started with a free project quote, then get in touch with us today!

  • 2022 Best Renovation Contractors in Calgary Award
  • 2018 Renovator of the Year – Calgary Region Awards

Kay2 is proud to have received the 2018 Renovator of the Year award in the Building Industry Land Development (BILD) category. We also won the following two awards:

  • 2018 Best Home Renovation with addition – Calgary Region Awards
  • 2018 Best Basement Renovation/Development – Calgary Region Awards
  • 2018 Kay2 Contracting wins best basement development  in the Country

Kay2 also took second for the Best Renovator’s Choice category!

Kay2 was a finalist in the country for best home renovation over $1,000,000 (See Here)

We couldn’t be happier that we won these amazing awards, and taking them home on our first entry is more than we ever expected! These awards came from the home renovations we performed on a home in Maryland Heights, which involved some complex and interesting additions. Among other renovations, we raised the home’s foundation in order to add an indoor swimming pool in the basement!

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to updating this page with more awards and recognitions throughout the year.

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Kay2 Contracting is Featured in Calgary Herald for Renovator of the Year for the second time.

Bild Awards

Kay2 Contracting wins top billing as BILD-Calgary Region’s Renovator of the Year for the second time.

For Amur and Katherine Abdulghani, choosing the right renovator came down to one thing: a gut feeling. Turns out it was a winning decision.

Their home, a stunning walkout design with custom-designed indoor pool on the shores of Chestermere Lake, recently won several awards at the 2022 Building Industry and Land Development-Calgary Region Awards (awarded in April), while the renovation company behind it all, Kay2 Contracting Ltd., earned the top accolade — the title of Renovator of the Year.

“The renovation was a massive undertaking. We needed someone who had experience not just with pool builds, but also with adding an addition to the house. We just had a really good feeling about Kay2, and it was absolutely the right decision for us. We’re just delighted,” says Amur Abdulghani.

The couple had been toying with a renovation for years, especially adding an indoor pool and spa to the walkout lower level, but the timing had never been right.

When COVID hit, all the balls fell into place and the couple, who are now empty nesters, were ready to design and reconfigure their dream home. They had custom designed and built the original home, which backs onto Chestermere Lake, in 2003.

“At the time, we thought of everybody and the dog, except for us, when we originally built it. Our room ended up being the smallest of all of them,” says Amur.

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Renovations make homes fit better

Moe Saghir and his team worked 24/7 just to build his young renovation company, Kay2 Contracting.

Last year, however, he felt ready, for the first time, to enter Calgary’s residential homebuilding industry’s elite awards competition.

And with that very first submission, the not-quite-five-year-old Kay2 took top honours as 2018 Renovator of the Year, in the BILD (Building Industry Land Development) Calgary Region awards. It is one of the residential industry’s six Grand Awards, recognizing the highest honors in the competition.

“I started in the industry when I was 16 years old and it is my passion; I love this world,” says the 33-year-old Saghir, founder and managing director of the company.

Kay2 beat out (in order of placement) Allenbrook Homes, Dependable Renovations, Renova Homes and Renovations, and Melanson Homes and Renovations for the top honour.

The company won two other awards in renovator categories including Best Home Renovation (with Addition) and Best Basement Renovation/Development, both for its Mayland Heights renovation. It also placed second in the Best Renovator’s Choice category for the same home.

And the honours for that home renovation may not end there. Kay2 is also a finalist in two renovation categories for the national homebuilding awards, to be announced this May.

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Renovation Projects

Mayland Heights Renovation Project in NE Calgary


Our wonderful clients were in search of a home in Calgary, Alberta closer to their children and grandchildren. New homes were not available within their desired vicinity of the city, so they opted to find an older home to make it new and customized towards their preferences with a full home renovation.

The home they purchased was built in 1987 and had Tuscan-inspired design. While centrally located with a close proximity to downtown, the home was outdated. The clients wanted a full transformation with the finished product of a luxurious, clean, new residence. 

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Chestermere Lake Renovation with indoor pool


Chestermere Lake Renovation with Indoor Pool

This luxurious Home Renovation in Chestermere Lake was an existing home we added a second story addition and an indoor pool addition.  

This Home Renovation Build Features:

  • Master Bedroom and Ensuite
  • Brand New Kitchen
  • Walk in Closet
  • New Third Bathroom


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Calgary Home Renovations Award Winning Home Renovation Company in Calgary


Our home renovations Calgary process begins with a free in-house consultation by one of our highly trained renovation consultant who can help you with the design and planning aspects of your project. This process continues with our project management and construction crews, assuring that all of your construction needs are met with meticulous attention to detail. It is our mission to ensure a positive experience that enhances your quality of life and exceeds your every expectation!

Read our article in the Calgary Herold.

Calgary Renovator Of The Year

Best Renovation with Addition winner in Calgary
Best Basement development in Canada

Best Home Renovation over $1M Finalist in Canada

The Best Home Renovation Company In Calgary


home renovation contractors calgary

Mayland Heights Major Reno


Rutland Park Revamp

Rutland Park Revamp



Why Choose Kay2 For Your Home Renovation in Calgary?

Here at Kay2 Contracting, we strive to be Calgary’s Best Choice Home Renovator and guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project. That’s why we refuse to cut corners, which is why we hire qualified staff and contractors who share our commitment to excellence. With over 25 years of combined experience in the home renovation industry, we have the knowledge and skills to handle any project you may have, big or small. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about our home renovations Calgary and remodeling services.

What Makes a Great Home Renovation?

Every home tells a story. The narrative evolves when a renovation transforms that living space, enhancing its original charm. From kitchen renovation that evokes culinary inspiration to a bathroom renovation promising serenity, every element should resonate with the homeowner’s aspirations. With Kay2, ensure your home improvement journey encapsulates your dreams.

Complete Home Renovation: Is it Worth the Effort?

Diving into a complete home renovation is not merely a decision—it’s an aspiration to rejuvenate the entire home. With the right contractor, like Kay2, the transformation is less about alteration and more about realization. Witness the metamorphosis of every nook and cranny of your house, ensuring your home truly reflects your essence.

Custom Homes vs. Renovating: Which Is Better?

Calgary’s architectural tapestry offers a myriad of choices. While a custom home presents a blank canvas, renovations breathe new life into existing structures. Weighing the options depends on your vision: do you seek the thrill of a new custom home, or does the idea of transforming your current home resonate more?

Navigating the Renovation Process with Ease

The home renovation process can be a maze. However, with Kay2, a renovation contractor par excellence, you’re guaranteed a smooth journey. Our approach is clear-cut: we listen, plan, and then execute. No surprises, just the dream home you’ve always wished for.

Award-winning Renovations: The Kay2 Legacy

Kay2 isn’t just a name; it’s a testament to quality, commitment, and sheer brilliance in the world of Calgary home renovation. As an award-winning Calgary home renovation company, our focus on renovations has earned accolades, trust, and the faith of countless homeowners in Calgary.

Choosing the Right Contractor: Why Kay2 Stands Out?

In the vibrant realm of contractors in Calgary, what sets Kay2 apart? It’s our unwavering commitment to delivering home renovation services tailored to your needs. From the initial consultation to the final brush stroke, our renovation team ensures your home renovation project is nothing short of perfection.

Budgeting for Your Dream Home Renovation

The dream of an impeccable home renovation shouldn’t be marred by budgetary constraints. At Kay2, we value transparency and honesty. Our consultants help you align your renovation goals with your budget, ensuring your home renovation experience is seamless, fulfilling, and devoid of financial stress.

The Future of Home Renovations in Calgary

With evolving lifestyles and the dynamic Calgary ethos, home renovation trends are ever-changing. However, some tenets remain eternal: quality, aesthetics, and functionality. With Kay2 at the helm of your renovation or custom home project, be assured of a timeless masterpiece that’s future-ready.

Ensuring a Home You Love with Every Renovation

The true success of a renovation lies not just in aesthetic appeal but also in the emotional connect homeowners feel. At Kay2, every renovation we undertake is a testament to our commitment to ensuring you have a home you love, a sanctuary that reflects your persona and meets your every need.

Are you yearning to upgrade your living space? Discover how to convert an ordinary home into a luxurious haven in a matter of weeks or months. Whether you’re planning minor upgrades or a complete home transformation, a luxury home renovation not only enhances your home’s aesthetics but also elevates its market value, creating a more delightful living experience.

Luxury Home Renovations

Custom Luxury Homes

Kay2 specializes in designing and building custom luxury homes. Whether you’d like a new bathroom or a top-to-bottom remodel, our team can do it all!

Interior Design & Renovations

With so many home renovations Calgary and Edmonton contractors, how do you choose the right company? Give Kay2 Contracting the opportunity to show you why we should be your first choice for a home renovation project. Our interior design team will assist you with your designs and our construction staff will bring your dream to life! Our interior design and renovation services include:

  • Complete home remodels
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Home additions

Basement Development

Basement renovations are taken on for a variety of reasons. The most common reason we hear from customers considering basement renovations is the desire for more space. Whether the basement is unfinished, partially finished, or completely finished, it may not meet the living and storage needs of the homeowner. If this describes your situation, then let Kay2 help you create a basement that is convenient and customized to fit your needs.

Garage & Shed Builds

Whether you’re looking to build a shed, a shop, or an expanded garage, Kay2 Contracting can build it for you and is one of the best renovation companies in Calgary. Looking for more storage in your garage? We offer many custom features, including garage attics for extra space and storage!

Landscape Design & Construction

The first and most important step in landscaping is the design stage. Talk to one of our professional designers about your ideas and we will help you turn them into a reality. We offer a wide variety of landscaping services that can help you turn your yard into an eye-catching oasis. Landscape Services Overview:

  • Retaining walls
  • Patios and walkways
  • Beds and curbs
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Irrigation, water features, pools, and outdoor lighting
  • Mulches, soils, and stones
  • Sod and synthetic grass
  • Outdoor fire pits, ovens, and fireplaces

Concrete Services

When it comes to concrete contractors in Calgary, there are many options from which to choose. However, there are only a few who do things the right way! When you choose Kay 2, you’re choosing to work with a contracting company dedicated to providing you with unparalleled results! Services overview:

  • Stamped finishes
  • Exposed aggregate finishes
  • Colored finishes
  • Broom and smooth finishes
  • Patios, walkways, and pads
  • Walls, garage pads, and driveways

Exterior Renovations

Kay2 Contracting also offers a wide variety of exterior renovations such as:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Soffit, fascia, and eaves
  • Stucco
  • Windows and doors
  • Masonry stone
  • Painting

Do you have additional questions about our contracting company? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!

Luxury Home Renovations

Full House Renovations




The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most popular rooms to renovate. There are a lot of benefits that come with planning a kitchen renovation with our experienced team: 

  • We will work with you to create a custom design that meets your specific needs and budget.
  • We only use high-quality materials so you can be assured your kitchen will look great and last for years to come.
  • Our team of skilled contractors has years of experience and will complete the job in a timely manner.

Whether you’re looking for a complete kitchen overhaul or just a few minor changes, our kitchen renovation team can help! We specialize in custom kitchen renovations in Calgary and Edmonton and will help you create a space that is both functional and stylish.

The Kitchen Remodeling Process

As a renovation company in Calgary, our custom kitchen renovation process at Kay2 Contracting can be broken down into three parts: design, build, and complete. First, our home contractors want to sit down and discuss your vision for the kitchen. Do you want to change the layout? What is your vision for the cabinets, flooring, countertops, and finishes? From there, we can work to create a custom design plan that takes your budget, timeline, and vision into account. 

From there, we can start building! Our kitchen renovation team will work diligently to complete the project on time and on budget. We understand that construction can be disruptive, so we will do everything we can to minimize the disruption to your daily life. Finally, we will complete the project by installing all of the finishing touches, like cabinet hardware and backsplashes. 

When we’re done with your kitchen renovation or remodel, we will do a kitchen walkthrough to ensure that you are satisfied with the final design! 

Signs It's Time to Schedule Your Home Renovation Contractors call

Are you thinking about renovating your home but not sure if it’s the right time? There are a few key indicators that can help you decide whether or not it’s time to schedule a consultation with a home renovation contractor: 

  • You’re unhappy with your current layout: If you find yourself constantly tripping over toys in the living room or dodging clutter in the kitchen, it may be time to consider a home renovation.
  • Your home is outdated: Outdated fixtures, appliances, and finishes — especially in your kitchen — can make your home feel dated and in need of a refresh. 
  • You need more space: As your family grows, your home may start to feel cramped and cluttered. If you find yourself longing for more space, a home renovation can help you create the extra square footage you need.
  • You want to increase the value of your home: If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, a renovation can help you boost its resale value. 

If you’re ready to start planning your home renovation, contact us today! We’ll sit down with you and discuss your vision, budget, and timeline to create a custom plan that fits your needs. 

Work With Our Highly Qualified Contractors in Calgary and Edmonton

If you’re thinking about renovating anything from your kitchen to adding an addition to your home or business, contact Kay2 Contracting today! We would be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Call us today or stop by our booth at the home renovation show.


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Our Home Renovation Services

What is the typical duration of a complete home renovation?

Project timelines vary, and after reviewing the scope of your renovation, we can offer a clear timeframe for achieving your desired results. Factors affecting project duration include material selection, confirmation of product delivery times, project scope expansions, and obtaining necessary permits. Following initial consultations, our experienced team creates a project plan, providing a close estimate of the timeline.

Is it necessary to relocate during a home renovation?

Most renovation projects require homeowners to adjust living conditions during construction. We communicate all aspects of the plan, making the renovation as seamless as possible. Our professional tradespeople maintain cleanliness, utilizing tarps, managing projects closely, and cleaning workspaces to minimize disruption. Only in rare cases, depending on the areas being remodeled, might a temporary relocation be necessary.


Considerations before starting a complete home renovation

Transparent communication about your renovation budget is crucial. We collaborate to bring your improvement dreams to life, emphasizing open communication about costs and timelines to avoid surprises. Often overlooked budget factors include product and service taxes, consulting fees, appliances, lighting fixtures, and new furniture.

What is the cost of home renovation in Calgary?

Home renovation expenses in Calgary can vary significantly, contingent on project scope and budget. For instance, the cost of adding an extra bedroom by installing a wall will be considerably lower than incorporating a full bathroom on the main floor. The involvement of structural changes may also impact costs, necessitating the expertise of an architect or engineer to ensure compliance with architectural guidelines, incurring additional expenses. Generally, kitchens, bathrooms, and ensuites tend to be the priciest areas for renovation. As a dependable home renovation company in Calgary, we can provide a precise cost estimate once we discuss all elements of your project with you.


When are Calgary home renovation permits necessary?

We can assist in obtaining necessary building permits for your renovation, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Handling all required paperwork, we ensure the project meets all necessary approvals.

Get Started On Your Next Home Renovation

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Questions? We’re here to help.

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