How much does a home addition cost in Edmonton – 2022?

A home addition can be the perfect solution when you love your home, need more space, but don’t want to move. However, Edmonton home additions are much more involved and costly than a general renovation, but can be worth it when you measure improved function, lifestyle, and resale value.

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How much does a kitchen renovation cost in Edmonton?

    Before diving into any renovations, there’s the cost to consider. Everything from upgrading the cabinets, changing the floor plan or choosing new finishes comes with different price tags. To avoid breaking your budget, knowing the cost breakdown is essential.   With this guide to the cost of

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How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a House in Canada?

A home renovation can be an exciting prospect! However, home renovations in Calgary can be complex, demanding, and require a significant investment. Depending on your plans for your home, you might need a large budget. An experienced home renovation contractor can go over your goals and help you determine

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How to Plan a Home Addition

Home renovations and home remodeling are one of the most intricate processes you will encounter, especially when you are considering a home addition. Adding on a kitchen, washroom, or extra square footage can be a simple and economical approach to improving your home and your lifestyle. Whether you need

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Trending Must-haves: Theatre Room

You may not be aware of the immense potential of your home’s many neglected areas, like the basement, in increasing your home’s overall value and appeal. One of the ways to make your property more profitable from resale perspective and transform it into an entertain hub for your family

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How to Give your Kitchen Cabinets a Fresh New Look

We truly believe that kitchens are not just a room used for preparing, cooking or eating food; it’s the heart of every home! Kitchen remodeling may seem like a daunting task to some, but renovating your kitchen can be a very rewarding investment with the additional benefit of increasing

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