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How much does a kitchen renovation cost in Edmonton?



As the heart of your home and typically the busiest spot, kitchen renovations are a great option. Different renovations like a complete remodel, targeted upgrades or changing the layout offer ways to add value, function, and appeal.


Before diving into any renovations, there’s the cost to consider. Everything from upgrading the cabinets, changing the floor plan or choosing new finishes comes with different price tags. To avoid breaking your budget, knowing the cost breakdown is essential.


With this guide to the cost of kitchen renovations in Edmonton, you can plan your kitchen remodel according to your budget and needs. Remember that these are cost estimates and can give you a general idea. However, for the most accurate quote, you should contact Kay2 Contracting for a thorough consultation and detailed estimate.


Why are you renovating?


Before you delve into the planning and budgeting behind a renovation, start with the “why” aspect. Why are you renovating?


It could be the space is just out of date and no longer functional for your needs. Maybe you’re moving, and renovating the kitchen will add resale value and marketability to your home when you sell. It could also be a new home you’ve bought, but the kitchen just isn’t working for you. There’s also wanting to make the kitchen larger or create additional storage.


There are many reasons to renovate your kitchen, but the answer won’t be the same for everyone. Start by listing what works and doesn’t work in your current kitchen. That will help narrow down the best approach to your renovation plans and goals.  


Types of kitchen renovations


There are three main types of kitchen renovations, each with its timeline and budget considerations. Once you know the kitchen renovation goal, you can choose the right kind of renovation, and the best kitchen remodel contractors in Edmonton.




A cosmetic-focused renovation is a simple option that replaces the main visuals in the kitchen. That might include new countertops, adding or replacing the backsplash, or refacing or replacing the cabinets. Cosmetic renovations are the typical choice for selling a home when you have a tighter budget but want to spruce up your kitchen. It’s also a great option to refresh your kitchen when the layout works, but the visuals just aren’t working for you.


Cost-wise, a cosmetic renovation can vary widely. New paint, backsplash, or plumbing fixtures may cost a few hundred dollars. Depending on the material, replacing the countertops could jump to several thousand. New flooring can range from low to high hundreds depending on the size of the kitchen. The final cost comes down to how much or little work you plan to do for cosmetics and the cost of the materials you choose. Timewise, a cosmetic change could take a day to a few days or under a week.


Remove and re-install


This renovation is similar to a cosmetic renovation but is more involved and a step further. This renovation involves removing parts of the kitchen, then re-installing them in the same space. Most commonly, that would be the cabinets, but it can also be flooring, countertops or light fixtures. Cabinets alone can cost up to 35% of a complete kitchen renovation, so it is something you want to consider when building your budget.  


The kitchen cabinets also play a significant role in how your kitchen looks and functions. Again, it would help if you researched your options before starting the renovation.


With cabinets, refacing or refinishing are the two main options. Refacing means the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and frames are removed and replaced. It gives the cabinets a new look without tearing them out and paying for the cost. On the other hand, refinishing changes the finish or colour of the cabinet by sanding it and repainting or applying a new lacquer. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the number of cabinets, contractors can complete these renovations within a week. Cabinet renovations, though, are best left to professionals who handle kitchen renovations in Edmonton.




With a custom renovation, the sky is the limit to what you can do, change, or add. Custom work is the chance to create the kitchen of your dreams with all the bells and whistles. If you are opening up the space or completely changing the layout, then a custom approach is the way.


Some custom renovation ideas could be adding a breakfast nook, expanding the kitchen island or removing walls. Depending on the scale of work, a custom renovation can take between eight to 12 weeks to complete.


Detailed planning, budgets, permits and materials will also take time to complete, but the results are worthwhile. With custom, it’s best to work with the best kitchen remodel contractors in Edmonton to guarantee those results.


The cost


Kitchen renovations have several elements and factors that affect the final cost. In general, the average price of a full kitchen renovation is between $70,000 to $80,000. However, if you are keeping elements or refinishing the cabinets, it can cost around $25,000 to $30,000 instead. For minor cosmetic renovations, it can range in the hundreds, like changing light fixtures or hardware. 


When putting together a budget, The National Kitchen & Bath Association recommends budgeting 15-20% of the value of your home into a kitchen budget. Then, once those numbers are down, set aside an additional 10-25% as a contingency. That extra cushioning will protect you from unexpected changes or surprises.


The breakdown


Keep in mind that kitchen renovation costs will vary depending on the type of renovation, materials chosen and the company you choose for your kitchen renovations in Edmonton. Still, a general rule of the costs includes:


  • Cabinetry and hardware: 29%
  • Installation: 17%
  • Appliances and ventilation: 14%
  • Countertops: 10%
  • Flooring: 7%
  • Lighting: 5%
  • Walls and ceilings: 5%
  • Doors and windows: 4%
  • Faucets and plumbing: 4%


The recoup


When it comes to recouping the cost, Remodeling Magazine breaks it down as such:


  • Minor, midrange kitchen remodel: 72.2%
  • Major, midrange kitchen remodel: 57.4%
  • Major, upscale kitchen remodel: 53.9%


Before jumping into the renovation, find a qualified and trusted contractor you can work with, like Kay2 Contracting. We will help with the cost breakdown, budget creation, project management and construction.


What to look for in a kitchen contractor




When looking for the right contractor for your renovation, start with the basics: insurance, credentials, and experience. Insurance helps protect against liabilities if something goes wrong, and credentials ensure they have the proper licenses to work. Finally, experience is worth checking to ensure your contractor can provide quality to your project and guarantee that it lasts.


The next check for the best kitchen remodel contractors in Edmonton is to look at past reviews, customer feedback, and examples of handled projects. Happy clients will leave reviews that tell you exactly how the contractor team behaved on the job and how the process went.


In your search, check if there were bumps along the way and how were they handled? What was the communication like, and what were the final results? While checking reviews, also schedule an in-person interview so you can chat with them yourself. You’ll better understand the processes and what working with the contractor will be like.


Work with Kay2 Contracting


Kay2 Contracting has years of experience behind our team with a long-standing commitment to our customers. We provide quality work, integrity, timeliness, and expertise in all aspects of a kitchen renovation. From free consultations to the finished project, their team will be there every step of the way. That guarantees you peace of mind and that you can enjoy the results for many years to come.


Are you looking for a quality home renovation contractor? Contact Kay2 Contracting in Edmonton today to transform your kitchen.


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