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Kitchen Renovation Cost Calgary – How Much Does It Cost To Renovate My Kitchen?


The kitchen is the busiest space in the house which consumes much of our time and attention. Cooking can be fun, especially when your kitchen is built functionally. Kay2 Contracting covers all aspects of kitchen renovations from floor plan reconfiguration to a quick refreshing facelift. Regardless of your plans for a kitchen update, the most common question remains; How much does it cost to renovate my kitchen in Calgary?  


Kitchen Renovation Cost

The average price of full and complete new kitchen renovation in Calgary, Alberta is somewhere around $70,000.00 – $80,000.00. When you chose to reuse or refresh some features such as kitchen cabinets, a decent change can cost around $25,000.00 – $30,000.00. Kay2 Contracting offers professional, reliable services providing modern applications and styles that can increase the value of your home. With the assistance of Kay2’s architectural and interior designers, your new kitchen renovation is sure to leave both you and your guests in awe. 


The factors that determine the cost of a kitchen renovation in Calgary are the design of your choice, the square footage, the fixtures and finishes that you select and whether or not you are removing walls, expanding or reconfiguring the space. The higher budget end of kitchen renovations generally includes some aspects of the main floor within the cost to allow for a smooth and attractive transition of the new kitchen into the home. But why do you need a kitchen renovation in the first place and why it is so important? Below we discuss the most common reason homeowners decide to proceed with a kitchen renovation. 


Why do I need to renovate my kitchen?

The very first reason homeowners remodel the kitchen is to improve the everyday functionality of the space as well as to grant the kitchen longevity. Damaged or broken cabinetry, minimal countertop space, or an impractical configuration can prevent you from working efficiently in your kitchen. If you’re raising a growing family, the need for larger countertop space, more seating areas or more pantry storage may arise. Moreover, a dark or gloomy kitchen is favourable to none. Many kitchen renovations are simply done to brighten up the space and improve the ambience of the home. Kay2 Contracting offers kitchen renovations that ensure quality workmanship and materials, modern applications, and functional designs that provide all the luxury that you’d want to make a part of your kitchen.


What are the biggest costs of a kitchen renovations?

Cabinetry is a major part of a kitchen renovation that can easily take up 35% of your kitchen renovation expenses. Therefore, it’s important to get it right the first time. Allowing professionals like the award-winning team at Kay2 to assist you with the customization and installation of the kitchen cabinets properly can secure your investment. Apart from the cabinetry, the things that involve most of your budget are the reconfiguration of the main floor, the addition of more lighting and brightness, ventilation, and opening up the space. In many cases, a drastic kitchen renovation can equate to a full main floor makeover. 


Where do I start?

First, list what you need from your kitchen renovation and then list what you want from your kitchen renovation. Next, establish your budget and affordability and then contact an experienced contractor. At Kay2, we will provide you with a free no-obligation, in-home consultation, estimate and timeline. From concept to completion, the average kitchen renovation can take 8 to 12 weeks depending on custom features. Our award-winning team will guide you through the process and provide suggestions based on experience and your preferences. We can assist you in designing a beautiful kitchen space for your home that also suits your budget. 


Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, light up your kitchen with the services of Kay2 Contracting. Contact us today and begin your journey towards new and lavishing spaces.


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