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Home Additions In Edmonton

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Custom Home Additions In Edmonton

When looking to upgrade your living space, a home addition can be a better solution than purchasing a new home. Besides the headache and fees that come with selling and purchasing, relocating is a large endeavor. For many homeowners, a new custom home addition is a more favorable solution to increase the square footage of the home, add custom features, or create more equity in the property.

Kay2 Contracting has more than 17 years of experience in the construction industry, helping homeowners create their dream home with custom additions. Adding on to a house is an immense construction project that may require opening up an exterior wall of the house, opening up the roof, and updating electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. A project of this scope requires the expertise and skill of contractors who know how to do it right, safely, and on time. Keep reading to learn more about custom home additions and the services that Kay2 Contracting can provide.


  • Above Ground Addition
    • Expanding a Bathroom
    • Adding onto the Kitchen
    • Incorporating a Mudroom
    • Adding a Sunroom
  • Foundation Addition
    • Expanding the Basement
    • Adding Onto the Main Floor
    • Creating Space For Additional Bedrooms
  • Vertical Addition
    • Adding a Second Story
    • Building Dormers
    • Building a Room Over the Garage

Considering a Custom Home Addition? Here’s What to Know



The Building Process

Other Considerations

Work With Kay2 Contracting For an Addition That Truly Enhances Your Home

Home additions in Edmonton are a great way to create more square footage, but as mentioned above, it’s a considerable project. Additions take a lot of planning and the construction process can take weeks to months depending on the scope of the addition. But with the right home renovation contractor, the process will be smooth and efficient from start to finish. 

The construction experts at Kay2 Contracting have decades of experience and we know what it takes to complete a home addition with superior craftsmanship and customer service. We understand that the process can be fairly messy, but we are committed to completing the project as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your “new” home. 

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Even though homeowners want to get the project started as quickly as possible, planning for the home addition is an essential part of the process. You will want to start by getting a consultation from a construction company to get a general idea of what is possible and what the cost will be. Having a rough idea of the cost will make it easier when it comes time to find financing for the Edmonton Home Addition .


Even though homeowners want to get the project started as quickly as possible, planning for the home addition is an essential part of the process. You will want to start by getting a consultation from a construction company to get a general idea of what is possible and what the cost will be. Having a rough idea of the cost will make it easier when it comes time to find financing for the addition.

Living in Your Home During Construction

Whether your home addition is adding onto the kitchen or an extra bedroom, expect there to be a lot of dust, noise, and people in your home during construction. This can be a significant factor that homeowners tend to overlook. The number of contractors on the property and how much noise there is will depend on what is being done at the time, but it’s important to recognize that some adjustments may need to be made while the addition to being built. This is especially true if your kitchen is near or shares a wall with the addition. The home contractors at Kay2 Contracting will do our best to keep noise and disruptions to your schedule to a minimum, but there is no getting around that a home addition is a transformation of your house. From start to finish, we will communicate closely with you to ensure that you are aware of what is being done each day, when our crew will be at your home, and provide you with regular updates on the progress of the addition. We can also give you notice in the event that belongings need to be moved or covered to prevent any damage. Rest assured that when the addition is complete, your Edmonton home will be spotless.

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From sunrooms to bigger basements to extra bedrooms on a second level, custom home additions are exciting! But designing the plans for an addition is a significant part of the process and needs to be done with precision.

Codes and Permits

An architect will ensure that your home is structurally sound, your contractor will get all necessary permits and follow all building codes and city or county zoning requirements, and a structural engineer may be required depending on the project. Various building codes are required to cover certain elements of a home addition, including structural, gas, plumbing, local codes, and more. Zoning permits pertain to the distance between the home and the property line, power lines, fences, and more. All of these things go into the design of the addition, and Kay2 Contracting will ensure that all standards are met and permits are granted before beginning construction. 

Creating a Cohesive Design

Aside from the more technical side of the home addition’s design, there is the actual design of the space and how it is incorporated into the rest of the house. Homeowners want their home addition to be a natural extension of the house, not a structure that was obviously added on later. While the end goal may be to create more square footage for your home, it still needs to be an efficient use of space. It also needs to have a natural flow from one room to the next. Our renovation contractors will ensure there is a seamless transition from the existing home to the new addition.

After you have secured financing, designed the home addition, and obtained permits, the construction process can begin. There are several steps to completing a custom home addition:

  • The Foundation: If your home addition involves extending the foundation, contractors will excavate, pour concrete footers, and set foundation walls.
  • Framing: Floors, walls, and a roof can be framed out as soon as the foundation is complete.
  • Roofing: Installing roof sheathing, which is typically OSB, will be installed to protect the interior of the addition. 
  • Windows and Doors: Installing windows and doors will “dry in” the addition, providing another layer of protection for the interior space.
  • Rough Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC: Pipes, wiring, and ductwork are installed into the framing of the addition. This work will need to be inspected and approved by city inspectors.
  • Insulation and Drywall: The addition will really start to take shape with insulation and drywall which cover the framing. 
  • Interior Finishes: Flooring, cabinets, and trim work such as baseboards and crown molding are installed. The walls are also painted during the time.
  • Final Connections: Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC will be finalized.
  • Punch List: This is an opportunity for contractors to complete any remaining tasks, as well as for homeowners to point out things that need to be fixed or changed. This is often considered as a final walk-through.



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From Concept to Completion



There are various things to consider when completing a custom home addition, and your architect or renovation contractor will be invaluable resources from start to finish. Here are a few miscellaneous things to think about before you start construction.


Spend some time walking or driving through the area to get an idea of the average size of homes. If you are adding a second story and a majority of homes in the area are only single-story, is it OK for your home to be so different? Is the addition going to increase the value of your home so much that it might be hard to sell? 


There are various ways to build a home addition being environmentally conscious. Consider using green or sustainable materials or installing energy-efficient appliances.


Even with a detailed quote from your renovation contractor, it’s a good idea to plan for unexpected costs. Sometimes there is just no way of knowing what you will find when you open up walls in a home, especially if they are older.


Construction companies will do everything possible to complete the project in a timely manner, but they won’t sacrifice quality or safety in order to do so. The timeline for completion greatly depends on the scope of the project, but homeowners should be prepared to live in a home that is half construction zone for at least a few weeks.


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If you want a sunroom, an extra level on the house, or a foundation extension for additional bedrooms or bathrooms, Kay2 Contracting has the experience, skill, and precision necessary to complete a beautiful home addition. Contact our team today for a free consultation to learn more about the process.





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