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Indoor swimming pools can be an amazing and rewarding addition to your home’s interior. If you have enough space, it could be a great idea to build an indoor pool when planning for home renovations. This exclusive, luxurious addition can allow you, your family, and your friends to enjoy unlimited recreation time in the privacy of your own home without feeling restricted by unfavorable weather conditions and strangers.

Why You Must Hire Professionals for Building Indoor Pools?

The addition of an indoor pool can transform any area into a private oasis. However, building an indoor pool is not an easy task and it requires extensive research and technical expertise to build the proper environment. 

Our team at Kay2 Contracting is extensively experienced with the construction of indoor pools and can assist you in building an ideal pool area using our expertise and understanding of the craft. You can count on our proficient team of home remodeling and interior design experts for all kinds of upgrading and additions including state-of-the-art swimming pools. When building an indoor swimming pool, there are certain aspects that we must specifically consider before construction. These include:

Identifying the Perfect Location:

A pool is a great investment only if it is built properly and in the right location. We determine the ideal location for an indoor pool after carefully examining the home’s layout and space, then choosing the portion that we feel will help you enjoy pleasurable swimming experience while maximizing the resale value of the house. Building restrictions, underground structures, and safety must also be prioritized. At concept and design stages, our team of architectural engineers will offer invaluable insight and work closely with the homeowners to determine the pool’s ideal location.

The Size of the Pool:

If your home is not spacious, building a large pool may prove difficult without an addition. Our team will help you determine the most cost-effective design geared towards your wants and requirements. Whether we simply reconfigure the floor plan or extend the home, we will design the pool in such a way that it will not only be aesthetically attractive but will also match the theme and design of the house. 

Variety of Options:

It’s a common misconception that indoor pools have to be rectangular or oval. Our experienced designers can always create an interesting and innovative design that will help enhance the outlook of your indoor premises. From tiles selections to innovative shapes and fun additions like slides or a diving board, we can create a truly remarkable indoor pool for the entire family. Consider all your must-haves; the sky’s the limit!

Safety and Security:

Whether indoor or outdoor, swimming pools can be a lot of fun for the whole family, especially children. Therefore, we must always consider provisions of a safe environment as our topmost priority. We believe that anything that attracts children should first be properly secured.

Children, especially small children, tend to find swimming pools fascinating. Apart from adult supervision, it is important to adopt all possible security measures to prevent any kind of accident. We offer a full range of security features and mechanisms when designing indoor pools. From fully-fenced and self-locking doors to custom covers and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetic appeal for security. Moreover, we can install an alarm system to help parents ensure the optimal safety of their kids. 

Humidity Control:

While an indoor pool can be an immensely beneficial addition to your home, improper installation can wreak havoc on the rest of your property. Building codes must be precisely followed to include independent ventilation systems and proper waterproofing to ensure the condition and longevity of the rest of the house. Hiring an inexperienced contractor may result in costly consequences.   

An indoor pool will increase the value of your property and can help your family enjoy recreational time together regardless of the time or weather! Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our expert team of home renovation contractors can assist you with indoor pool construction from concept to completion. For more information and your free consultation, contact us today!

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The Cost of Indoor Swimming Pools in Alberta, Canada

Indoor swimming pools in Alberta, Canada, provide a fantastic opportunity for residents to enjoy year-round aquatic activities, given the province’s often harsh and chilly climate. However, constructing and maintaining an indoor pool in Alberta comes with a substantial price tag, influenced by a variety of factors, including location, size, materials, and features. In this article, we will explore the costs associated with indoor swimming pools in Alberta.

Initial Construction Costs:

The most significant portion of the expense for an indoor swimming pool in Alberta is the initial construction cost. Several key factors contribute to the variability in these costs:

  • Size: The size of the pool is a primary determinant of cost. Larger pools require more materials, labor, and often more complex filtration and heating systems, driving up the overall expense.

  • Materials: The choice of materials for the pool’s structure is a significant cost driver. Options include concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl. In Alberta, where the climate can be harsh, concrete pools are popular for their durability and versatility. However, they tend to be more expensive than other materials.

  • Location: The location of your property within Alberta can affect construction costs. Building in remote areas or places with challenging terrain may involve additional expenses due to transportation and labor costs.

  • Customization: Features like waterfalls, special lighting, and unique finishes add to the overall cost. Customizing the pool to fit your aesthetic and functional preferences can substantially increase the final price.

  • Permits and Regulations: Complying with local building permits, zoning regulations, and safety standards is essential and can contribute to the cost. Ensuring that the pool meets all necessary requirements is an important step in the process.

The initial construction cost for a standard indoor swimming pool in Alberta typically starts at around $200,000. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a rough estimate, and costs can escalate significantly for larger or more complex projects.

Maintenance and Ongoing Costs:

The costs associated with indoor swimming pools in Alberta extend beyond the initial construction and include ongoing maintenance expenses:

  • Heating and Energy: Given Alberta’s cold climate, indoor pools must be heated to maintain a comfortable water temperature year-round. This results in higher energy bills compared to outdoor pools. The cost of heating depends on the pool’s size, the efficiency of insulation, and local energy rates.

  • Dehumidification: Preventing moisture damage to the indoor environment is crucial in Alberta’s climate. Dehumidification systems are a necessity, typically costing between $20,000 and $30,000, and their operation adds to ongoing energy costs.

  • Chemicals and Filtration: To maintain water quality, pool owners must invest in chemicals and filtration systems. These annual expenses can accumulate over time.

  • Repairs and Upkeep: Like any structure, indoor pools may require repairs or component replacements over time. Pumps, filters, and liners, for example, can incur costs that should be factored into the budget.

Geographic Variations:

The cost of indoor swimming pools in Alberta can vary by region. Larger cities such as Calgary and Edmonton may have higher living costs, affecting pool construction expenses. Additionally, the proximity to pool construction companies and suppliers can also influence pricing. It’s advisable to obtain local quotes and consider the specific requirements of your area.

Economic Factors:

Economic conditions can also play a role in the cost of indoor swimming pools in Alberta. Fluctuations in labor and material prices can impact the overall expense of constructing and maintaining a pool. It’s wise to assess the economic climate before embarking on a pool construction project.


Indoor swimming pools in Alberta offer the luxury of year-round enjoyment and a private aquatic retreat, especially in a region known for its cold winters. However, the construction and ongoing maintenance costs can be substantial. The cost of building an indoor pool in Alberta varies based on numerous factors, including location, size, materials, customization, and adherence to local regulations. Understanding these cost drivers and obtaining local estimates are essential steps in planning and budgeting for your indoor swimming pool project. While the initial investment is significant, many homeowners find the benefits of having a private indoor pool in Alberta well worth the expense, allowing them to enjoy water-based activities throughout the year. If you don’t have the space, consider a home addition. Kay2 Specialize in luxury Home Additions in Calgary and Edmonton and surrounding area.  

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Indoor Swimming Pools


  1. Year-round Swimming: Enjoy the pool in all seasons, regardless of the weather.

  2. Less Maintenance: Reduced debris from outdoor elements means lower maintenance efforts.

  3. Lower Chemical Use: Sunlight doesn’t diminish sanitizer levels, leading to less chemical usage.


  1. Higher Construction Cost: Indoor pools typically involve substantially higher initial construction expenses.

  2. Higher Energy Costs: Heating both the pool water and the surrounding air space increases ongoing energy costs.

  3. Limited Sunlight: Indoor pools lack direct sunlight, making sunbathing within the pool area impossible if desired.

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