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Trending Must-haves: Theatre Room


You may not be aware of the immense potential of your home’s many neglected areas, like the basement, in increasing your home’s overall value and appeal. One of the ways to make your property more profitable from resale perspective and transform it into an entertain hub for your family and friends, think about creating a theatre room. It would not be an expensive venture because there are only a few must-haves that you got to add to your existing room to transform it into a movie theatre. Check out the following must-haves to get the ultimate cinema experience at home.

Soundproof Home Theatre:

What is the use of a theatre room if you cannot enjoy your favorite movie or the much-awaited Super Bowl game in their full splendor? Explosive soundtracks and action-packed sequences would become all the more impactful with the addition of a home theatre system. To make sure that your family members stay unaffected from the loud noises, opt for a soundproof home theatre system. We would suggest that you hang thick curtains or drape the windows properly to enhance the acoustics of the theatre system.

Wall Scone Lights:

Add a custom wall scone equipped with dimmer controls to create a more immersive experience both for you and your guests while watching a movie. By connecting the lights with your home automation system you can further make it convenient for you as the lights will go dim automatically as soon as the movie starts and brighten up when it ends.

Motorized Projection Screen:

Imagine the impact of your theatre room on your friends gathered at your home to watch a movie when you dim the lights with a remote control and the projection screen starts lowering all of a sudden. You can impress everyone with the dramatic impact of a motorized projection screen. That’s why we term it as a must-have for your trendy theatre room.

Popcorn Machine and Soda Bar:

If you want to enjoy movies at your home in exactly the same way as you do in a cinema, think about installing a popcorn machine instead of settling for microwaved popcorns. And a soda bar system is one perfect companion to popcorn machine. 

Home Theater Seating:

When thinking about creating a theatre room, consider getting dedicated home theatre seating instead of going for the average sofas because you won’t be able to enjoy the movie. Home theatre seating helps you get the perfect relaxing posture to watch the movie without feeling any discomfort or pain. The ideal bet would be leather seating for your home theatre as it tends to me very comfortable and gives an upscale look to the room.

How to Build the Perfect Theatre Room?

A fabulous indoor theatre can prove to be very beneficial in the long run as you will be saving a lot on movie tickets. Whether it is the theatre room design that’s confusing you or the choice of equipment and amenities to be installed, we are here to sort all your issues under your budget. We are the most reputable team of home renovation experts in Alberta. If you live in Banff, Canmore, Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary or adjacent areas, feel free to give us a call and get the best package for remodeling full or some portions of your property. 

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