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Luxury Kitchen Renovations in 2020


Finding new ideas for your home can be hard, and many people just don’t know where to start, but we’ve compiled a quick start guide for homeowners that want to be on the cutting edge of style and comfort. The kitchen renovations below feature some of the newest renovation ideas and styles. With these renovations, you can take the tastes of famous architects and make them your own.

With most home renovations, the kitchen is one of the first areas to be renovated, since it’s one of the most practical rooms in the house and one where we’re constantly trying to make life easier and more comfortable. Now is a great time to start thinking about major renovations, and you can get started in early spring to beat the summer rush, making sure your work is done in plenty of time to entertain guests with for the rest of the year. Since you may be unveiling your kitchen renovations in spring or summer, we’ve included some ideas for backyard or garden renovations as well! These renovations will make your life better while making your guests swoon. When you do decide to get renovations in Edmonton or Calgary, choose Kay2 Contracting.

Life of Luxury With Renovations From Kay2

Contemporary Kitchen Renovations

The interior design world is at a crossroads, with clean, minimalist, neutral color kitchens continuing to offer timeless elegance, and bolder, more textured and colored looks coming on strong. If you’re looking for style, any of these choices could be right for you. It’s up to you and a helpful contractor to determine what kind of personality you want to convey and how long you’d like your new look kitchen to last, as it’s only natural to develop new tastes over time. Here are a few of the newest options for tastes in both categories:

New and Timeless Kitchen Looks

What’s old becomes new again. That phrase is never more accurate than when it comes to your kitchen. Certain styles come and go every few years, others come once and then are thankfully stowed away, but the looks below are in right now and should hold their strength for years to come.

Modern Black and White — With a wider range of color variations and new materials available, such as recycled materials and refurbished stone, you can get a kitchen with a modern feel that will be easily adjustable over time and particularly vibrant in homes with good natural lighting. Glossy and textured looks alike can take on a modern look. You can have a kitchen with the latest in tech and appliances while using stone and wood style choices to achieve a look that anyone could love. Top them off with modern hanging lights, temporary accents in any color, and fixtures made of brass, copper, platinum, or gold. Any will shine now and into the future.

Weathered Wood — Weathered wood looks are in right now, and should never go out of style, as the aesthetic changes with the seasons. In the winter, weathered wood provides an authentic feeling, cozy atmosphere while in the summer, rays of sunlight can make your naturally lit rooms feel as though they’re made out of wood you gathered off the beach yourself. Not only does the look and feel of wood change with the seasons, but there are tons of easily adjustable options that come with them, since wood is so much more malleable than stone and metal. Some great options to start out your weathered look are tables that would look great inside or out, real and refurbished wood tiles that can be used for wall patterns or artistic expression, as well as wooden kitchenware and furniture.

Whatever kitchen design you go with, the key to creating a timeless look, is great simplicity mixed with quality materials and finishes.  Stone, wood, and metal features come in a wide variety of styles, so you can pick styles that match your personality today, with an arrangement that will hold its beauty for years to come.

New and Bold Kitchen Designs

Individuality is so important in our time, that it’s natural for you to explore your tastes, embrace them, and change your aesthetic as they change with you. That’s where some of these new ideas come in. As a young homeowner, especially if you plan on being in your home long term, it may be worth it to choose a kitchen renovation design that matches where you are in life. Luckily, there are tons of new designs and bold ideas coming out of the home renovation and design world.

Colors and Patterns — One of the biggest waves hitting the home renovation and design world is the embrace of more dynamic colors and geometric patterns. There’s a wide range of what you can do when you start considering those two factors — going with one color, with unique stone and glass backsplashes, countertops, and islands, could be a risk, but with the right designer you could get a kitchen like this. Similar to black and white designs, choosing the right color combinations can give you a look that will amaze your guests with its unique style and never feel out of date. Colors and patterns make a renovation more difficult, but the best home renovation companies can deliver a look that’s both dynamic and clean.

Open for Entertaining — Community is very important, and maybe not something we’ve been getting enough of in the 21st century, but more open, inviting kitchens could change that. These types of kitchens can help put extra living space that often goes to a vacant dining room to use. Large kitchens with open floor plans, multiple islands or kitchen tables, and large, easily accessible cabinetry offer the utility to entertain large parties without isolating the cook! Going with bronze, iron, or platinum features can give your kitchen a comforting, yet industrial look, or you could go with something like a Parisian style for something extremely modern, yet also clean and concise.

There’s nothing more 2020 than embracing your community and your own individual style at the same time, and open designs, unique colors, and bold patterns are great ways to do both.

Backyard and Garden Entertaining

When you’re showing off your new kitchen, you might need a little extra space to entertain your guests. What better place to start than with your patio and garden? Open floor spaces and naturally lit kitchens flow smoothly onto patios and pergolas, where outdoor fireplaces, painted or press concrete, outdoor seating, and further cooking accommodations can all become a reality.

Outdoor entertaining has a growing focus in the design and renovation world. It can be seen in designs that emphasize low water use, stylized seating, a jungle aesthetic, or manicured, yet wild growth. Two of the newest renovations that many homeowners are considering, either for the comfort of their guests or the extra income, are garden suites and in-law apartments. Especially popular on the west coast of the United States and in the Calgary and Edmonton areas of Canada, you could design a bungalow for your guests, a homey residence for your parents, or a small apartment with all the bells and whistles.

Choosing the Right Contractor

At Kay2 Contracting, we hope you’re inspired by some of the renovation ideas we have, enough that you finally take the plunge to build your dream home. We want to see people enjoying beautiful homes — it’s our passion. So whether you’re in our region of Edmonton and Calgary, or in Western Europe, New York, or LA, make sure you choose a renovation company with the proven qualifications of being the best. What the model homes of celebrities and architects all have in common are contractors who are also on the cutting edge of design, fashion, and technique.

Be sure to use a company that is willing to go through the entire process of your home or kitchen renovation with you, side by side. The best contractors take your desired design and taste and combine them with well-honed techniques to create art. So, when you decide to take the dive into a more modern, glamorous home, contact a company like Kay2 Contracting. We are a national and regional award winner, year after year.

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