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About Home Additions: Sun Rooms


Imagine yourself sitting outside in your yard on a cold and breezy morning reading your favorite book in complete comfort; With no worry of wind blowing the pages or flies buzzing around your coffee. How could it be possible when you are out there in the yard? How often will the opportunity arise with the constant unpredictable weather of Alberta? This and much more are all made possible when you have a sunroom in your home. 

A sunroom is without a doubt one of the best investments that you could ever make when building or remodeling your home. However, many homeowners are unaware of the many benefits of adding a sunroom to your property. Read on to learn all about sunrooms.

What Is A Sunroom?

A sunroom, also known as an outdoor enclosure, patio room, and solarium, is just like any room but instead of stone or brick walls it is surrounded by glass and has either open or closed screening. Since a sunroom is generally made out of glass entirely, it allows vast natural light and air in. Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of lightweight materials for building sunrooms such as aluminum, engineered roof panels, structured vinyl, low emissivity/solar treated glass, and insulated/thermally broken glass, etc. Sky’s the limit on design and construction! 

Types of Sunrooms:

There are two main types of sunrooms: three seasons sunroom and four-season sunrooms.

Three-Season Sunrooms

A three-season sunroom is used mainly during summer, spring, and fall seasons. This is a cost-effective option and can be built using lightweight materials so that maximum ventilation is possible. During hot summer days, three-season sunrooms can provide you the much-needed refuge from harsh sun rays and pesky insects. These aren’t insulated rooms and do not have an auxiliary heat source either, but may have electrical for fans to circulate air and help you tolerate high temperatures. 

Four-Season Sunrooms

As the name suggests, these are built to enjoy all seasons year-round. You can enjoy snowfall and Christmas in your sunroom without worrying about the freezing cold temperatures as four-season sunrooms are insulated and offer thermal resistance. This type of room is built using double pane glass that may be specially treated and feature argon filling, inert or low-emissivity coating.  Moreover, the walls, roofs, and doors also offer ample insulation and climate protection. 

Why Add a Sunroom to your Home?

A sunroom can make your home all the more special and valuable. It’s a way to control the environment and enjoy nature in all its glory without being affected by mother nature’s harsher elements. You won’t have to worry if it is raining or snowing, and if the weather is hot, cold or windy; and let’s not forget, bugs and flies will stay away from you and your family.

Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our experienced team of home renovation specialists at Kay2 Contracting can help you design a magnificent and luxurious sunroom. For more information or to add a sunroom into your upcoming home renovation, contact us today for your free consultation! 

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