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Why should I use a professional for tree removal and pruning?


If there are trees in your yard, it’s best to get them trimmed and pruned on a regular basis. In
the event that a tree becomes a hurdle or fails to survive, you should have it removed. While,
tree removal and pruning may seem like an easy task that you can do by yourself, think
carefully before actually taking up this job on your own. You may perform a variety of tasks all
by yourself but when it comes to tree care, only professionals should be hired as these services
cannot be performed alone. Here are some of the reasons for hiring professionals for tree work.

Safety and Security:
Removing a tree or even pruning it is not as easy as it looks and sounds to be. You
should not do it alone. Trees are much heavier and stronger than they look and when
they fall there’s almost no stopping it. The size of the tree may make it impossible for
you to handle the job without putting yourself in danger. How would you know where the
tree would fall while you are cutting it and what if some or all of its branches are already
rotten? A professional team is well-trained in the necessary safety precautions to be
adopted before starting to remove the tree.

Advanced Equipment:
Don’t assume that the chainsaw lying in your garage can help you remove the tree in a
jiffy because it could often do more harm than good. There are certain tasks that require
specialized equipment to be performed safely, quickly, and effectively and tree removal
and pruning are two such tasks. Professional tree care services provided by Kay2
Contracting have all the necessary machinery and equipment needed to remove or
prune trees.

Reduce the risk of Property Damage:
It is possible that tree pruning or removal can damage surrounding property, especially if
an unprofessional and inexperienced team or individual is performing the job.
Professional tree removal companies are able to detect the exact direction in which the
tree will fall and will be able to handle it as it falls so as to prevent damage to your home.
The last thing you would want is to drop the tree on your roof… right?

Hire Kay2 Contracting for Tree Removal Service:
If you are planning home remodeling or want to change the design and outlook of your
yard/garden by removing or pruning trees, contact Kay2 Contracting. You can confidently trust
us for all kinds of landscaping and tree work. We have plenty of experience in tree care, tree
removal and pruning and our tree care experts can perform tree work with utmost
professionalism and perfection.
Kay2 is reputable in the home improvement industry and have been helping residents of
Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, and Canmore and surrounding areas in keeping their yards in neat
and pristine condition. Call us today to discuss your tree removal or home renovation project.

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