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Why An Experienced Contractor is Essential when Adding an Addition


Your home is your life’s biggest investment; and may turn out to be a very profitable one if you can maintain the property and continue improving it to meet changing trends. Home renovation should be a positive and exciting experience, which relies upon the way you carry out the project. If you have hired the right contractor, you can expect maximum ROI later on, while ensuring that all your requirements are met in a professional and timely manner. 

Why is an Experienced Contractor Essential when Adding an Addition?

Adding even the smallest additions to your home such as kitchen space or front door areas can quickly go haywire and may not yield the desirable outcome if the contractor isn’t experienced.  Here are some of the reasons why you should always hire an experienced home renovation contractor.

Market Insights:

A professional contractor is necessary for home remodeling. Nowadays especially, interior design trends are changing so quickly and there are so many advancements in the home improvement industry.  Professional and experienced contractors have all the necessary training and resources for converting your home into a chic and stylish, yet functional residence. 

Skillful Project Management:

From commencement to completion, professional home remodelers can transform your ideas and dreams into reality without exceeding the designated budget or the project deadline. That’s because they are experienced at managing multiple trades, managing timelines and efficiently executing the job. Moreover, experienced renovators can identify the most reliable and cost-effective solutions to any unexpected remodeling challenges that could arise or be uncovered and can catch underlying structural issues immediately, saving you time and money in the future.

Technical Knowledge and Extensive Trade Networks:

Experienced contractors have been around for decades and thus have managed to form working relationships with tradespeople and building material suppliers. Many of them have established tried and trusted relationships that are not an instant possibility when hiring multiple strangers for trades work. Homeowners can benefit from a reputable contractor’s established network of connections to get professional, reliable, high quality electrical, plumbing, framing and other building processes and materials at reasonable rates. Furthermore, through vast experience they can determine the most effective and durable materials for your specific projects. 

Accurate Pricing:

Experienced home renovators can quickly identify the salient requirements of a property using their evolving knowledge and building expertise and will know how much material will be required for the job. This means they can give you accurate and realistic estimates of the costs involved. However, you need to communicate openly from the beginning with your contractor regarding all your requirements to help them understand what they can provide and what is attainable within your budget.

Building Permits:

In Alberta, homeowners are required to seek building permits when planning for adding a new story to the property, new structures or making expansions. Experienced contractors are well-aware of the legal requisites of their service areas and building codes to adhere to. Improper planning and design could lead to extreme frustrations and a rejected permit application. 

Want to know more about the importance of hiring experienced contractors for your home remodeling project? Call us today for more information. Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our award-winning team of experienced renovators are available for a professional, no-obligation consultation. 


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