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In Canada, it is said that the best time for renovations and remodeling houses is in
spring and after that, summer. These are the ideal seasons, similar to how sunny days
and warm weather are very helpful in outdoor construction. However, when planning
custom home remodeling, one needs to consider many factors, especially budgeting,
contractor, timing, current and potential climate, and much more. There is no one-size-
fits-all for a complete home renovation on a cost-effective budget. Every season is
reasonable for different interior improvements as well as architectural designs. One just
needs to be fully aware of the dynamics of their home renovation industry. For example,
if one wants renovations in Calgary, they must be aware of the peak renovation

Negotiation is the Key

We are all well aware of the fact that peak season in any aspect of the field is more
than usual. In peak season, it will be more difficult to sit on a negotiation table with a
contractor, as they will have many renovations and remodeling projects at that time.
Availability of the contractor will be dubious in peak season and chances of mistakes
will be higher with an inexperienced contractor. When an inexperienced contractor is
occupied between different projects, mistakes and miscommunication are bound to
happen. One must be careful and should plan ahead when it comes to upgrading their
homes interiors to ensure the best deals with a competent contractor.

Timing is Everything, don’t wait until the last minuteAs mentioned earlier, to renovate your house in a budget-friendly and cost-effective
manner, one must avoid planning during peak seasons. Ensure you have your planning
and preparation organized in time to execute your project during peak season. Just like
there is a different key for every lock, different weather conditions are beneficial for
different kinds of renovations and remodeling of the house. Considering this aspect
when planning both interior renovations and exterior renovations.

During Summers 
If anyone wishes to install a fireplace or renovate their old one, summer is the best
season for it. In warm weather, no one plans to sit by the fireplace or plan activities
around it; therefore, the thought of renovation does not cross the mind of many. The
professionals dealing in fireplace renovations and design are off the market for that
season, hence if planned smartly and in advance, one can get fireplace repairs,
remodeling, or mantel redesigning done in a time efficient and affordable manner.

During Winters
Get in touch with a contractor in early winters if you plan to renovate your deck areas or
landscaping. Renovating decks in winter is an uncommon practice, which is why it is the
ideal time to negotiate as landscapers are short of work. For bathroom renovations, July
to September is considered as peak season, for economical renovations, winter is the
best season to plan and negotiate.

During Fall 
This time is economical for house painting; however, it varies as per the climate change
in every province or city. For Calgary, fall is the economical and beneficial season for
exterior painting, power washing, or any outside painting job.

When considering home renovations and home improvements, one must be well aware
of the climatic changes and renovation patterns in their area. This will help one take
appropriate steps and plan their renovations efficiently and effectively. Whether you live
in Calgary, Canmore, Edmonton or Banff and surrounding areas, contact the experts at
Kay2 for your free no-obligation consultation and start your journey towards refreshing
home improvements.

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