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What not to do when remodeling your kitchen


Kitchen remodeling is a tricky affair and anything can go wrong especially when the job is handled by someone inexperienced. It should therefore be undertaken by a team of experts in the field so as to make sure that not even a cent of your precious investment is wasted. We at Kay2 Contracting are more concerned about utilizing your budget in the most practical and productive manner. Here are some exclusive tips to help you avoid common kitchen remodeling errors and ensure that the money, effort, and time you put into the kitchen renovation are well worth it. 


Ignoring Kitchen Island: 


If you have enough space available, don’t ignore Kitchen Island considering it only a luxury and not a necessity. An island can greatly enhance the functionality of the kitchen and may serve as a unifying factor for the whole family. You can add storage spaces in the island and use it as a dining area for your family while you work and provide additional counter space to install your dishwasher or sink.  


No More Old-fashioned Appliances: 


No matter how much you spend on your kitchen renovation if you choose to keep using outdated appliances you cannot expect it to be energy efficient and trendy. Gone are the days when counters were occupied with huge and bulky appliances; nowadays, a majority of homeowners prefer to use compact and multi-purpose appliances to save counter space in your kitchen. We suggest that you get rid of the old appliances and replace them with lighter, energy efficient and modern ones to compliment your kitchen renovation. . 


Don’t go overboard: 


Your kitchen should be a reflection of your personality, preferences, and be as functional as you want it to be. But, this doesn’t mean that if you are up for trendy design and approaches, you try to incorporate everything in the kitchen just because you have a chance to renovate it. There are endless possibilities in kitchen remodeling, and you simply cannot go for all. Be simplistic in your designing approach and focus on creating a multifunctional, clutter-free, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. 


Kitchen Flooring- Be Very Selective: 


Don’t just choose any flooring option; do your research and determine which material will best suit your kitchen. Kitchens are a high traffic areas and prone to spills, excessive heat, dirt and debris. Therefore, you need to select flooring material that is durable, suits your kitchen’s overall design and style, and is low-maintenance. 


Never Go For Dark Shades: 


If you choose very dark shades for your kitchen walls or cabinetry, it will look gloomy and unpleasant. Dark colors prevent natural light from brightening up the kitchen, while you will have to install extra lighting to get a fully lit room. Dark shades make any room appear darker while soft, bright shades make it look spacious and are pleasant for the eyes. 


So, these are few of the very common mistakes that you must avoid at all costs when renovating if you want to get maximum ROI on your investment as well as ensure a kitchen where you can work comfortably.  


However, it all depends upon the way you have remodeled your kitchen. If you have hired inexperienced home renovators, you cannot expect a job well done. On the other hand, experienced and qualified team of home remodelers like Kay2 Contracting can help you in most productive and functional kitchen renovation. Call us today to learn more about common kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid.  


Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Red Deer or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our experienced team of home renovation specialists at Kay2 Contracting can help you design a magnificent and luxurious kitchen.  


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