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What do I renovate first? Kitchen vs Ensuite


Kitchens and ensuites tend to have a priority in the field of renovation. You can spend a lot of cash on a new fence, new windows or upgraded insulation and few individuals will take note. However, when you spend a similar budget on a kitchen or ensuite renovation, the outcome is highly visible and apparent in comparison.


You may have purchased your new house with plans to renovate and since moving in, you’re unsure where to start. On the other hand, perhaps a house sale may be approaching and you need to choose which project has the greatest effect on your resale value. Possibly you had a sudden tax refund or windfall that you wish to invest. Regardless of your reason to update, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed when planning a home renovation project.


If you’re planning a home renovation and are unsure where to start, contact Kay2 Contracting. Our experienced and professional team can help you with your inquiry. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation feature that can be informative and useful towards your renovation concept.


Here is a small guide to help you determine which investment is a better choice for you.



Although it’s possible to live without a kitchen for a little while, it tends to be inconvenient. While you do have many options like food delivery, restaurants, temporary kitchen spaces or even a temporary relocation during the renovation process, this can be a dealbreaker at certain points in your life. Considering an ensuite renovation, we know well how difficult it can be without the use of a personal bathroom, especially in a full house. Along with the many benefits of a renovation, the temporary inconveniences of living through home improvements must also be considered.

Resale Value of a Kitchen Renovation vs an Ensuite Renovation

Mid-range ensuite renovations generally return around 67% of their value upon resale against mid-range kitchens which generally return around 80%. This is because kitchens are usually the center part of the home; it’s the heart of a home. Therefore, they are more immediately apparent and highlighted by real estate marketers.


Budgeting for Kitchen Renovations vs Ensuite Renovations

Another variable to consider when deciding whether to undertake a kitchen renovation or an ensuite renovation first is the level of investment that you need to plan. When working with a reliable renovation service provider like Kay2 Contracting, we can assist you with adjusting your renovation objectives as per your budget plan and help you determine which project would best be handled first. 


For more information and tips to ensure high-quality renovations, contact Kay2 Contracting today to discuss your home improvement ideas and book a free consultation. Our award-winning team of interior designers, architectural engineers and tradesmen are professional, experienced and reliable. We ensure high-quality work and a smooth process from concept to completion. Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our team of renovation experts are ready to assist you.


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