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Using Architectural Design to Enlarge your Kitchen Footprint


Many people these days have to compromise their dream homes for a variety of different reasons, be it limited budget, student loans, taking care of parents, or any other factors. However, that does not mean one cannot enjoy or feel the vibe of large spaces. Architectural engineers are specially skilled and educated on various solutions that can help people with remodeling their small spaces or by giving them a larger or wider look. 


To accomplish such visions at Kay2 Contracting, our architectural engineers together with interior designers can change the following factors as per clients’ designs and renovations requirements.



To make your kitchen more expansive, spaces must be well utilized. By hiring an expert one can get a well-structured and well-thought-out design utilizing each square foot to the max of one benefit. We can help you determine the maximum space allocation to plan a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen layout while prioritizing your essentials first to help you fulfill your main goals. Planning your space allocation properly will ensure that enlarging your kitchen footprint will provide a major benefit without sacrificing the other areas of the home. 


Get Rid of Excess 

To achieve enlarged spaces, one must get rid of impractical items. Bulky cabinets, drawers and even walls that are taking up unnecessary space is best left to boot. Installation of new and innovative space saving techniques such as custom cabinets, organizers and pull-outs can help one utilize the space more efficiently. 


Brighten up the Room Up 

 Incorporate appropriate lightening in specific areas of your kitchen that is a combination of both atmospheric as well as task lighting. Infused incandescent under-cabinet lighting will give them a greater visual and hanging pendants can also be considered in order to highlight the eating areas. Infusing lights are a new style that has been more recently introduced and incorporated by experts. It assists with makes the area appear more vibrant and spacious.


Get Floored 

Flooring is one of the essential elements in the kitchen as it enhances the look of the kitchen. Marble flooring for a sophisticated touch is an increasingly popular selection. Yes, it’s on the expensive side, but it’s durability and its aesthetic appeal is often considered well worth the price. Another increasingly popular option is to infuse cork as it also gives an elegant look. Both these choices can make your kitchen look bigger and better. 


Choose the Right Colors

Choosing lighter pastel colors and accompanying it with white and a pop of any bright color can enhance the appearance of a rooms size.  If cleverly chosen, something as simple as painting your walls can give your space a bigger, brighter and wider look. 


A home renovation is an excellent way to upgrade interiors while keeping them up-to-date with the latest design trends. Home remodeling is the perfect strategy to do so given that property prices are steadily rising in Alberta. With some strategic tweaks, you can create a much more stylish and valuable property. Contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting today and let us help you realize your property’s potential!

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