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Tips for designing a new home office


A great home office reflects the comfort and design of the rest of your home and is a
place where you will readily want to burn your midnight oil. No matter if your home office
is for running your business or to enable you to work remotely, you deserve more than
just a random table and a chair stuffed at a corner of the house.

To design or renovate a home office from scratch, you will need help from an expert
who can help you throughout the entire process from drafting and design to execution
and furnishing. If you are looking for a reliable home renovator, Kay2 Contracting is
ready to assist you. Our team of professional home improvement specialists are
experienced and skilled with the ability to handle your project while ensuring high-quality
workmanship. Read on to learn more tips for designing a new home office:

Finding the right spot
When you are working from home, you tend to spend more hours working than you
usually would in an office. Therefore, it’s important to pick the right location to set up
your home office. Rather than stuffing yourself in a space without any opening to air
or sunshine, choose a location that will inspire you. While choosing a location, keep
in mind the working style and nature of work. Pick a comfortable spot for you to

Pick the right colors
Colors do matter and affect your mental stability. When it comes to designing a
workstation, integrating the right colors in your home office is important because of
the stress level. The colors selected can be used in painting the walls or selecting
the furniture, etc. That’s why working with an experienced interior designer provides
the best outcomes while designing a home office renovation. The interior designers
at Kay2 Contracting are experts at their jobs. They are well-experienced and
knowledgeable about the current and trending design styles and can help you
decide on the right choice of colors. They can suggest what colors are best avoided

and what colors will help improve the ambience of your space. Selecting colors that
promote calmness and composition while you work are a key assistant and benefit.

Selecting furniture
It’s essential to choose the right furnishings to add to your custom home office. You
should look for a comfortable chair and the desk needs attention as well. While you
are searching, keep in mind it should not be very high and should be wide so you
can manage things well over it. The quality and the color of the furniture matters too.
If you are unsure or cannot decide for yourself, no need to panic. When working with
Kay2 Contracting, you have the option to create the perfect custom office furniture or
our interior designers can help you with finding a suitable set of furniture for your
new office renovation.

Whether you reside in Calgary, Canmore, Banff, or Edmonton and surrounding areas,
Kay2 contracting is always there to have your back. Our award-winning team of home
renovators and exceptional interior designers have vast knowledge and experience in
creating beautiful home office renovations. For further information or a free no-obligation
consultation booking, call or email us today!

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