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Tile Trends for 2021


Tile has taken off over the last decade or so, perfectly replicating the most sizzling wood
looks and venturing into new outskirts. The most innovative and creative looks, patterns,
and shapes in the flooring industry are continuously coming to light. In 2021, things are
becoming even more exciting and these patterns are gathered to provide you with all
the fine details. Prepare to see a prominence on wood-looking items, attractive patterns,
unique shapes and designs, and heaps of fresh new looks.

If you are considering the renovation or remodeling of your home and are planning a
switch to tiles, consider using an expert and interior designer. You might be unsure of
what design is best as the materials should be up to date, suitable for their requirement,
affordable, and more importantly, available. Therefore, to help you ease your burden
Kay2 Contracting is here to guide you through your transformation. The experts at Kay2
Contracting are equipped with knowledge of the renovation market and industry and can
assist you with accurate pricing and suitable options for your home renovation project.
Moreover, you can also consult with our professionals by booking a free consultation.

It’s time to update your home with interesting, strong, and trendy tile floors! These top
tile flooring patterns will have your home looking incredible, particularly the kitchen,
ensuite, or any other water-prone spaces.

Wood-Like Tiles
In 2021, the trendiest surface patterns in both strong hardwood and wood-alternates
incorporate wire brushed, hand scraped, and distressed surfaces. Each textured and
finished wood look accompanies an exceptional style and character. None of the two
wood textured boards should be the same and every one of these choices has a
distinctive quality. These wood look tiles make your home look freshly renovated, costly,
and warm. Picking a super solid tile over finicky hardwood will offer you an elegant and
premium look with increased durability and a much smaller amount of maintenance.

Stone-Like Tiles
Stone-look tiles are well known in ensuite and kitchen renovations. The highly
consistent demand for these natural-looking, affordable tiles is pushing producers to
invest more efforts and time into this style of tile. Go above and beyond by offering
flawlessly persuading stone looks in limestone, slate, travertine, and numerous other
options. If you are confused with all the possible selections, an experienced interior
designer at Kay2 Contracting would be happy to assist you. Our professional designers
are available to help you choose a suitable tile while keeping in mind your budget and
desired outcome.

Marble-Like Tiles
Brilliant, elegant, exquisite marble floors have been probably the most demanded in the
flooring market for quite some time. Surprisingly, the vast majority can't bear the cost of
straight-up marble flooring within their kitchen renovation. Marble-looks are especially in
vogue for the ensuite. They make your master ensuite look luxurious and you can get
them for a much lower cost than the real ones.

A home renovation is an excellent way to upgrade interiors and keeping your home up-
to-date with the latest design trends. With some strategic tweaks, you can create a
much more stylish and valuable property. Contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting today
and let us help you realize your property’s potential!

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