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Things to Keep in Mind When Doing A Kitchen Renovation in Calgary


With spring comes the urge to update, change and possibly even fully renovate areas
of your home. Most popular right now are kitchen renovations, because if 2020 taught
us anything, it’s just how valuable that room is to individuals, couples, and most
especially, families!

There are several factors you should keep in mind before beginning a renovation to
your kitchen. Below are some of the key tips you need to remember.

1) Hire a professional. Right now, this is a bit tricky, because measures to control the
spread of the coronavirus are still in place across Alberta. Companies are, generally,
restricting how many people can access their headquarters, and are screening people
carefully. But, providing you meet the public health requirements, you should be able
to book an appointment with a professional kitchen renovator in person. However, be
patient; many are backlogged because of postponed projects during the pandemic, and
are juggling a lot of demands. That goes for supplies (like drywall and plumbing
equipment) which are in some cases on back order.

2) Go in with a firm and realistic budget. It’s important that you have a solid grasp
on how much you are able to spend. And because problems may arise that can add to
your costs, have a “contingency” built into your budget. While professional Calgary
renovators do their best to stick to the quote they give you at the outset, they cannot
predict every possible hurdle that may arise, like a faulty pipe that needs replacing or
an increase to the cost of your fancy new fridge. Be firm about the budget, but be

3) Consider how much space you have, and the layout. This is where the expertise
of a professional kitchen renovator is crucial – they can tell you if your vision is
possible, given the space you have to work within. A grand marble island won’t work
in a small kitchen, and letting your professional be your guide is the smart way to get
your money’s worth.

4) Save money by holding back in some areas. If your appliances are new, for
example, why spend thousands replacing them? Put that money into new floors, or a
new floor to ceiling pantry – in other words, spend your limited resources on the
things that most need changing.

5) Consider all options for cupboards. There are plenty of marvelous cabinets
available that don't have to break your budget, and are durable and attractive.
Deciding you only want “pure” wood is a quick way to spend all your resources!

That;s where the expertise of a professional renovator like Kay2 Contracting really
shines. They have access to the latest and most innovative materials in modern kitchen
design, and will help you choose the perfect cabinets; Ones that meet your monetary
restrictions, look great and last a long time.

Once the world is back to normal, once we’re able to meet and mingle without
worrying about the virus, undertaking a kitchen renovation, with the help of a
professional, is a great tonic to the dreadful past 16 months we’ve all endured. You’ll
be thrilled by your new space, and choosing the right person to help you realize your
dream kitchen is the first step toward making it a reality. Whether you live in Calgary,
Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, contact the experts at Kay2
today and get started on a new and refreshing kitchen renovation.

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