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The Perfect Party Spot: Make Your Kitchen the Place That Packs in Guests


The Perfect Party Spot: Make Your Kitchen the Place That Packs in Guests

Think back on the best parties you’ve ever attended. We’re willing to bet that you wound up in the kitchen during those parties, along with the rest of the guests, nibbling on snacks, chatting with a stream of other folks, and refreshing your drink throughout the evening.

Okay, so right now parties are verboten under COVID-19 public health guidelines. But the time will soon come, likely early this summer, when get togethers are allowed again, and what better time to throw a bash than when the pandemic is in the rear-view mirror? That’s something to look forward to, and something to celebrate!

The question is: is your kitchen up to it? By that we mean, is it warm, welcoming, and the natural place where all your guests congregate? If a kitchen renovation is in the books for you, here are a few suggestions for getting the room we think of as everyone’s favorite space prepped, pretty and practical for the next party you plan to throw. These ideas suggest how to create extra space, and how to make your kitchen the desired destination when you can finally open your home again to friends, family and neighbors.

  1. An island is a must. 

In open concept kitchen renovations, an island is the spot for everything from chopping veggies to serving meals. At party time, make it your focus, the place where guests can come and sit for a moment, grab a bite or pour a drink. Before the gathering, clear your island of everything so you have a large, empty surface. If you’re lacking counter space, use one half of the island for trays of snacks and an ice bucket. We suggest putting glasses and stemware somewhere else – these can easily get knocked over during a crowded party. Having this surface, along with some chairs, offers guests a comfy place to pause, visit and fuel up.

  1. Speaking of the chairs… 

Be sure you’ve got some bar stools or other high chairs against the island, but not too many. If the kitchen is crowded with too much furniture, someone is going to trip! You want the island to be the place for stoking up and pouring refills, but not the place people sit and never leave. Prompting flow and movement is your goal in the kitchen – seating guests for an hour or more should happen in the living room, porch, or family room.

  1. Dim those lights to create ambience. 

Installing a dimmer switch when you renovate is smart! Parties need mood lighting, so people don’t feel like they’re trapped in the glare of headlights. Turn down the kitchen lights so there is enough that folks can tell what snack they’re taking, but not so much they feel like a spotlight is on them!

  1. A wet bar or wine cooler? 

If you’re doing a kitchen renovation and want to keep future events in mind, consider installing a wet bar, if you have the budget. If you don’t, a wine cooler is a fine idea also – drinks are at the ready, and this handy appliance doesn’t take up a ton of space. You can even keep it in the pantry if you want it out of sight most days.

  1. And speaking of pantries…

 If you are big on entertaining, having a pantry for extra storage is a huge asset. You can store all your party supplies here, along with extras like lots of napkins, soda, bags of snacks and plenty of other items you may not need on a day-to-day basis.

Having a kitchen that pulls people in during parties or casual get togethers makes your events memorable. And you don’t have to empty your savings account to make it a warm and welcoming space. Think carefully about how much entertaining you do before you renovate, and talk it over with your kitchen designer before the work starts. You can have a kitchen that works for meals and other “typical” duties, but also make it the central place where everyone gathers when you entertain. The best kitchens serve lots of purposes, and “hosting” parties is one of the functions it performs best! If you are looking to renovate your kitchen in Calgary or Edmonton, contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting for your free no-obligations consultation. From virtual consultations to in-home meetings, Kay2 can provide a realistic budget and a functional plan for all your kitchen updates. Call today!

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