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Some Tips to Follow When Looking for A Kitchen Renovator


Thinking of getting your kitchen remodeled? Kitchens are one of the most used areas of
the home. Therefore, it tends to need a renovation more often than other areas of the
home. Kitchen renovations are best carried out with the help of a professional
renovator. Finding the right contractor for a kitchen renovation may appear to be an
overwhelming task when searching for one who offers experienced, professional and
reliable services. However, the process doesn’t need to be difficult. When it comes to
kitchen renovations, our award-winning team at Kay2 Contracting is experienced and
professional. We provide all aspects of custom home renovations from interior
designers to specialized trades all under one roof!

If you are looking for guidance on navigating home improvements, following a couple of
these basic tips and guidelines can help you gain confidence in finding the right kitchen
renovator to handle your kitchen renovation project.

Go for Referrals and Recommendations
Word of mouth is the most ideal approach to locate a certified and proficient
kitchen renovator to handle your project. Ask family members, neighbors, or
friends who have had good recent experiences and know who they worked with.
Likewise, ask what made it a positive experience, how the kitchen renovator
dealt with issues, and whether the individual would utilize a similar renovator in
the future. Online searches are another great way to find recommended

Look for Credentials
Along with the above recommendations, carry out some of the research as well.
Visit some kitchen renovators or hop on the phone for a quick interview. You can
also browse websites for portfolios. Additionally, find out if the kitchen renovator
or contractor holds a license, insurance and is certified to execute home

improvements. At Kay2 Contracting you can rest assured that all these
requirements and more are checked off your list.

Meet and Interview
Once you have narrowed down the list, book a consultation. Kay2 contracting
provides free no-obligation consultations. Communicate your ideas clearly and
discuss any important details or concerns such as project deadlines. Ask for their
opinions and suggestions and prepare any questions you have. Also, take note
of whether they are a good listener and understand your needs. It’s important
that the renovator understands your requirements and makes the best possible
effort to hit the right nail when sending over their proposal.
Our professionals at Kay2 Contracting are competent to cater to your needs and
meet your expectations. We strive to help you by infusing your ideas and
implementing them in the best way possible.

Get it in writing
No matter which company you chose for your kitchen renovations, always get the
details in writing. A professional and licensed contractor is required to have an
approved contract in place. This contract must contain important details of your
project such as cancellation policy, payment terms, completion date and warranty
and must be signed by both partied. A written contract will always have
precedence over a verbal agreement. Having the details of your project in writing
and signed by both parties can save you from major headaches in the event that
things go south or a lien is registered on your property.

Whether you live in Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore or Banff and surrounding areas, a
kitchen renovation is an excellent way to upgrade interiors and staying up-to-date with
the latest design trends. With some strategic tweaks, you can create a much more
stylish and valuable kitchen. Ensure your investment and experience are a positive one
by using an experienced contactor. Contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting today and
let us help you plan your kitchen renovation.

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