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There are about 73 million homeowners in North America. Approximately 35.5 million people move to new neighbourhoods or homes with more space each year. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had more space without spending a whole lot of fortune? With some great home improvement ideas, you can. In fact, this is done by thousands of people all over the country

The return on architectural design investments our housing market is very likely and can even exceed 100%. Take an outdoor kitchen, for example, the net return is between 100% and 200%. It is estimated that a simple installation can yield about 70% return. A well-designed fireplace can yield a return on investment of up to 150%. In addition to the value of the home, you can also add luxury and comfortable outdoor spaces to sunbathe, relax, and socialize.


Add Laundry

Adding laundry area to adjacent to one side of the kitchen can give you plenty of space to wash, dry, and store without having to go through the rest of the house or down to the basement. Most importantly, adding a laundry space in your existing design provides convenience. This also means that the space you used for storage has been freed up for other purposes.


Build Basements

Many people use basements to store random coins and collectibles that appear only once a year. However, cleaning and repairing these areas is a good way to free up more space without increasing the physical space in your home.


Expand Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is very relaxing. However, most homeowners cannot enjoy their gardens all year round. Therefore, the remodelling of the patio or porch is one of the most popular ideas for improving space. This is also a great idea for ​​adding a three-season or four-season sunroom. 


Huge Windows

The pop-up window is exactly what you’d expect – a small addition has been added to one side of the room. From the outside, it looks like a pretty good mound. And the interior design means your space will appear larger. 


Sliding Wardrobes

Consult a good interior designer and get some fresh yet smart ideas on sliding wardrobes that are currently in trend and attractive all the same. In addition to the bedroom, it adds a sense of luxury and style, but it also serves a very practical purpose. You can organize your clothes perfectly and avoid wasted space from door swings.

One does not have to fully renovate their houses or go out of the budget in order to achieve a spacious internal design. Simply making small changes, some smart installation and expansions will help give your home a fresh look and may raising the property value as well. Whether you live in Calgary, Edmonton, Banff or surrounding areas, contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting today and discover the small additions that will give your home a fresh new feel.

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