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Should I Move Out During My Home Renovations? Some Tips from Our Experts


One thing that can ruin the excitement of a home renovation project is the inconvenience of living through it. Deciding whether to live at home or move out during a renovation is an intense decision. The disruptive process of moving to a new living environment, combined with the additional cost, is enough to make many homeowners reconsider. Others, can hardly wait to move as far as they can from the noise, distractions, and dust. In any case, most people do prefer to stay close in order to keep a track of the renovation work or monitor their homes.


If you are considering a home renovation, no matter you decide the professionals at Kay2 Contracting will work with you to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. When choosing to move out or vacation during your home improvement, there’s no need to worry about the results. We prioritize our client’s satisfaction and will keep you up-to-date on the progress of your property through various features from email to virtual walk-throughs. Our experienced team is well equipped to communicate effectively and handle your renovation project near of far.


No matter what decision you make, your choice will mainly depend on your budgeting and comfort level.  To help you through it, here are some renovation tips from the experts.


Renovation Tips

Moving out can accelerate work. By moving out, progress might be quicker considering the renovation team does not need to completely shut down at the end of the working day and setup again in the morning. They can focus on the current work task and save time by not having to reset. Additionally, tradesman and other professionals can choose to work later into the evenings or weekends to expedite the process.


Cleanse Before Packing

Regardless of whether you choose to move-out or stay, take the opportunity to purge before you pack or empty the areas of construction. Taking this additional step prior to project commencement will make both the process of moving out and the process of moving back in easier and less stressful. 


Storage Space

Most items from one room or level of the home can be moved to different area or into the garage. If you find you are limited on space, consider leasing a storage container or something similar that can help you with the safekeeping of your belongings during home renovations.


Temporary Living Arrangements

If you’re planning to move-out, finding a suitable place to stay can be challenging. If staying local, consider living arrangements where you can pay visits to your renovating home as well. If you are staying in and not moving out, then you should choose a place in the house and set it up accordingly so it does not disturb the work in progress.


A home renovation is an excellent way to upgrade interiors and keeping it up-to-date with the latest design trends. Home remodeling is the perfect way to do so, given that property values steadily rise overtime. With some strategic tweaks, you can create a much more stylish and valuable property. Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting today and let us help you realize your property’s potential.


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