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Renovations For A Staycation


Renovations For A Staycation:
Make The Most Of Home Holidays With These Update Ideas

Right across Canada, people are planning their holidays either close to home or totally inside. In some provinces, a little day tripping is allowed, while in others – Alberta included – travelling is still actively discouraged by the government and public health department. Soon, however, the coronavirus will be a distant – if always painful – memory for all Canadians. Until that time comes, why not make the most of the space you’ve got and update, refresh, renovate and breathe new life into the rooms in your house, so you can have a fabulous holiday at home?

We’ve got some terrific ideas for making home feel better than ever, making it a place you want to be, not just the place the government is asking you to stick close to. Once you’ve undertaken one (or all?) these projects, you may begin to wonder: what was so great about going away back in the old days? Okay, maybe not quite, but you’ll love the indoors in a whole new and exciting way!

Get that basement renovated. It’s easy to neglect a basement update because it’s out of sight, and therefore often out of mind. But if yours is serving as little more than the spot for the furnace and there’s plenty of room for an entertainment center, for example, get on it! Bring in a renovator you trust for ideas on ways to make this available space into the best spot for movie night, or games night, or any other kind of entertainment the family loves. Put in a large screen TV, one or two comfy sofas, and a beer fridge or wet bar and soon the gang won’t want to come back upstairs for meal time!

Enclose the pool. We talked about this in a previous post – enclosing a pool is an expensive undertaking. But what better way to make the family feel like you’re on holiday and staying in a swanky hotel than making swimming a year-round activity? Think of it this way: in 2020, you would have spent thousands buying airline tickets and booking a resort for everyone, so you’re just investing that money in a different way. And the best thing about this idea is that you get to keep it! You’re not merely making holiday memories – you’re giving the family a true staycation!

Redo the master bedroom. One of the best aspects of any holiday is the wonderful hotel room that you book, complete with luxurious bed linens, air conditioning and a mini bar. We aren’t suggesting a bar in your bedroom, but why not make your private quarters the kind of space you hate to leave behind when the vacation is over? Fresh paint, new drapes, fine sheets and a new duvet make a master bedroom feel like a reward for all you do as parents. Treat yourself – you’ve earned it, especially considering the sacrifices made since the pandemic began.

Get landscaping done and plan a new patio. Right now, lumber right across Canada is triple the cost it was last year, and it seems like everything is on back order. These conditions are likely to skyrocket even more, so it’s time to get on it! While it may require patience, you can make your outdoor space a welcoming retreat, with beautiful flowers, trees, and all the relaxing elements of a grand garden. Talk this over with your renovator, who can give you a solid idea of costs and delays, but then take the plunge! A property that’s as gorgeous on the outside as it is on the inside is more valuable, and adds space so your family can spread out in lots of different directions.

Right now, plenty of Albertans are feeling cooped up, and that’s only natural. It’s been a long haul since the pandemic hit in March, 2020. But Albertans, whether we live in Calgary, Edmonton or another locale, are resilient. And when the going gets tough, Albertans get renovating! Call Kay2 Contracting for a trusted contractor, designer or other renovation professionals, and ask for ideas on how to transform your home into a place to enjoy a staycation. Soon you’ll be looking at blueprints, choosing colours, and tackling all the other joys involved in renovating!

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