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Renos To Complete Before You Sell


Renos To Complete Before You Sell:
These Updates Make Homes Even More Valuable

The Canadian real estate market is, in a word, bonkers. That’s not an official term, but it sums up exactly how hot the market is, which is great for sellers, if a bit less so for buyers.

If you’re considering selling, whether you need more space, or less, or you want to take advantage of the red-hot market, we’ve got some suggestions for renovations that will help you get the best price possible for your home. Complete these renos, or even just two or three of them, and watch your listing price tick ever upward!

1) Fresh paint, please. Nothing makes a home look cleaner, fresher and more inviting than a fresh coat of paint. Not in every room, necessarily, but the kitchen, living room and main hallway should all look like the professional painters just stepped out before the first open house. Potential buyers cite this update as one of their top priorities, as it means they don’t have to pay for decorating on top of other expenses after moving in.

2) Let the light in! This doesn’t always require new lighting or hardware; it may just involve taking down heavy drapes and putting up sheers, so light pours into the main rooms. But a new chandelier in the dining room, for example, makes buyers easily imagine their family around a table, or guests during a house warming party. And if they can easily imagine themselves in your home, your sale is half-way finalized!

3) Update the bathroom(s). All designers and renovators will tell you the most important rooms to refresh are kitchens and bathrooms. Paint the bathroom if necessary, and if the vanity is outdated or cracked, replace it. Get a modern, water-efficient toilet, and don’t forget to put a grab bar in the tub! Any bathroom update that addresses accessibility makes buyers aware that, down the line, they won’t need to do these improvements themselves.

4) Smart tech and eco-friendly updates are vital. Even if your only nod to tech is a smart thermostat, have one installed. Young people shopping for their first home want to be able to control it from a distance, turning the heat up half an hour before getting home, for example. The same goes for controlling the lights while they are away. All smart tech, along with environmentally friendly items like a backyard composter, are important, not too expensive, and will impress young buyers.

5) A little landscaping, please. If you’ve let your lawn and garden become overgrown or wild, or if you’ve never been much of a gardener, it’s time to become one and tame your outdoor spaces! Make the exterior of your property look as appealing as possible by planting new bushes, shrubs, flowers and trees. It doesn’t have to be fussy; it has to be neat, tidy and tended to.

6) New appliances, perhaps? If you’re updating the kitchen before listing, consider investing in new, energy efficient appliances. Buyers who see an almost new kitchen, with no renos required, will be delighted – and relieved – that they can spend their money elsewhere. Kitchens are a key focal point in many homes, and even the nicest cabinetry and luxurious countertops can be overshadowed by old and dated appliances. 

These suggestions are sure to increase the value of your home when you list, but there are others, too; have a chat with a professional renovator you know and trust, and they will advise you on where to spend and what to leave untouched. Invest in the most visible and obvious places – like painting, as we mentioned – and watch the value of your home soar! Whether you’re planning a quick update or a full home renovation before you list, contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting for a free consultation. From concept to completion, design to construction, we can assist you every step of the way.

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