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Remodeling for Functional Space


Remodeling for Functional Space:
How It Reduces Clutter – And Keeps You Organized

Is there anything more annoying than coming through the back door with an arm load of groceries and tripping over someone’s shoes or boots – for the 10th time that week? It’s enough to make you crazy, we get it, particularly when you’re stuck at home so much more right now, and it feels like the whole family’s “stuff” is constantly in your way.

You don’t have to be a Marie Kondo disciple to know that clutter is not good for the soul, because it makes your home look messy, and that can lead to a messy mind. Organizing and storing even the items you use every day is a great way to clear out that mess, which leaves you calmer, kinder and a whole lot less stressed.

How to do that? How to use each room in your home in a functional way that’s also attractive? Whether you need a full renovation or just some quick tricks, we’ve got some suggestions for you on that score. So, keep reading, get a notepad, and soon you won’t be tripping over anything anymore, except maybe the family dog!

1) Choose furniture that doubles as storage. Drawers under beds, really tall pantry units, bookshelves that act as display cabinets – the possibilities are endless. Thanks to the ingenuity of designers who know many people live and raise families in a limited amount of space, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your furniture. Let’s say two of your kids share a room; consider putting in bunk beds, rather than separate ones. A simple move like that frees up lots of floor space for a dresser, desk, and other necessities. The only problem you’ll face is the argument over who gets the top bunk!

2) If your kitchen lacks a pantry, buy one. A free standing, super tall pantry with shelves and cupboards solves just about every storage problem small kitchens present. If you have a kitchen/dining room combo, choose a unit with doors so things are hidden, but it is still pretty – guests will never know you’re storing flour and sugar there, along with grandma’s good china!

3) Go tall, not wide. If you do buy a large unit like a free-standing pantry, go high, not wide. Even if you can’t reach the top shelf without a foot stool, you’ll be glad to have the storage space; put items you seldom use up there, out of the way.

4) Don’t overcrowd rooms with too much furniture. Sometimes the easiest way to increase your room’s function and storage is by taking out overstuffed chairs or sofas that aren’t the right scale for the space. And every time you purchase something new, ask if it is going to take up too much room, or if it offers extra storage space. For example, many stylish coffee tables have hidden storage compartments that are perfect for stashing magazines, books, and more.

5) When in doubt, throw it out! (Or better yet, donate it). Most people tend to accumulate clutter at a quick pace, so clearing out your house twice a year is sensible. Too often, for example, folks put a chair with a broken leg into the basement or attic, intending to have it repaired, and a year later it’s still sitting there! If that sounds familiar, make a thorough clean out your next, big pandemic project. You’ll be so glad you did.

Houses are being asked to serve a lot of different functions right now, so you need to make the most of the space you’ve got. Clearing out what you don’t need or use is the first step in getting your home on the road to supreme functionality, so on the next rainy day, start collecting those unwanted items lying around, and you’ll be delighted by the extra space you create. When these suggestions fail to give you the functionality you desperately want, consider a home renovation to improve the design of your home. If you’re considering an update, contact Kay2 today for your free no-obligation consultation. 

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