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Quick (& Cost Effective!) Changes Bring New Life to Your Kitchen


Quick (& Cost Effective!) Changes Bring New Life to Your Kitchen:
How to Upgrade Without Spending A Fortune

Maybe you’ve had the same kitchen for years, and while you still love it, you’re thinking of freshening it up and making a few changes. We get it; even wonderful decor can get a little tiresome when you’ve lived with it for ages.

But your budget may be, shall we say, limited? Not to worry – we have some suggestions for inexpensive and easy kitchen renovations that will breathe new life into everyone’s favorite room. You can feel like the kitchen is almost new, without empty your savings account in the process!

1) Switch out the handles and hardware. We know this seems like a minor item, but believe us, new knobs and cupboard handles can have a major impact. Shopping with the province’s COVID-19 restrictions is tricky in some places, but don’t despair. Peruse your favorite decor magazines for ideas, and look online. Buying a new mattress online may not be wise, but buying new kitchen hardware? No problem! Just be sure to have the measurements down.

2) A new coat of paint does wonders. You don’t even have to change colours if you aren’t up for hiring pros. Just put a fresh coat of your current colour on, and the whole kitchen will come alive again erasing scuffs and scratches in an instant.

3) Choose some new light fixtures. Changing the main overhead in the kitchen makes a huge difference to the look and ambience of the room. You can buy a beautiful pendant fixture for less than one thousand dollars, or go on some of the websites that sell building materials and other products and see what you can find on them. However, remember that you shouldn’t undertake new lighting if it involves altering your power source unless you are an experienced electrician. Changing cosmetic lighting is your best bet for keeping safe, and keeping within your budget. When in doubt, contact a home renovator for assistance.

4) Choose new backsplash. If you’ve only got a small amount of backsplash (over your stove, for example) switching it out for something new and, perhaps, something trendy can give your kitchen a real face lift. But this can be a daunting task if you’re not a confident DIY type. If you’re not, hire a professional kitchen renovator to make the change for you.

5) Re-think your kitchen accessories. Have you had the same big milk jug on your counter for years, holding everything from spatulas to wooden spoons? Time for a change! Even if you don’t have enough storage space to tuck those utensils away, a new container (a woven basket, maybe?) gives the counter a visual lift. And since this is an inexpensive change, you can afford to buy a couple of different options!

Making these small changes to your kitchen breathes new life into this room, the place where the family congregates at mealtime, where the kids do their homework, and maybe you do work at the table after supper. Kitchens are more important today than they have ever been, since we’re all spending a lot of time at home right now. You deserve a kitchen you love, and these inexpensive changes help get you there. If you’re in the market for a kitchen update or full renovation in Calgary or Edmonton, contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting today for your free no-obligation consultation.

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