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Popular Renos For Summer 2021: What’s Big on Everyone’s Wish List?


Home renovation projects are still dominating the design, decor and construction industries. Renovators have never been busier in Alberta, and the penchant for home improvement shows no sign of slowing down.

Here’s a roundup of the most desired home renovation projects people are planning for the coming summer.

1) Beautiful basements. Redoing or updating basements is a top item on home reno wish lists. Because people were stuck at home together for so long because of the pandemic, every inch of home is being made not just livable, but beautiful. Basements are often the last area to be renovated, as folks traditionally viewed them as a place to watch movies or play games, but little else. Now, basements are transforming into guest quarters, home offices, laundry rooms or arts and crafts corners – or a combination of all those.

2) Open concept floor plans have lost a little luster. This concept has been hugely popular for decades, but is less so since the pandemic and people at home want privacy. Renovators are seeing a jump in requests to carve up an open main floor into two or more rooms, so that families can escape each other behind a door.

3) Home gyms and yoga studios. In 2020 right until recently, gyms were closed because of the coronavirus. Consequently, many people turned a spare bedroom or their attic into a place to work out. For renovators, that often meant making an old space livable with new drywall, fresh paint and even installing mirrors over one wall, just like there are at professional fitness studios. This change has helped many Albertans keep fit while staying home, and physical activity helped keep them sane!

4) Home offices still in demand. This will come as a surprise to no one, but having a home office, private and separate from the family’s daily routines, allowed many in the province to be productive while working from home. In fact, once a proper home office is in place, many folks are questioning the need to go to the office every day once the pandemic is truly over. And many corporations agree!

5) New and better bathrooms. Some projects involve little more than a fresh coat of paint and new taps, while others mean removing everything and starting from scratch. Custom glass showers are hugely popular in bathroom renos, as are water-efficient toilets and other environmentally conscious features. Whether it’s a minor update or a major reno, redone bathrooms are a priority for lots of people this summer.

These are five of the most desired, in demand projects renovators are getting requests for, but there are plenty of others. Building patios and landscaping properties are also high on everyone’s wish list. No matter what project you’re hoping to have underway this summer, be sure you talk to a trusted renovator like Kay2 Contracting soon. You may need to wait a bit before work can begin because of delays in materials (like wood) and the sheer busyness of the industry. But have a little patience and you’ll be rewarded with a fabulous new office, or bathroom, or fitness studio – whatever it is you’re dreaming of now that the warm weather has arrived.

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