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Planning A Renovation: Use Your Pandemic Downtime to Get Started on Home Improvement


It is said that looking on the bright side helps us live longer, healthier and happier lives. At no time have we needed that attitude more than right now, in the waning months of a global pandemic. We are tired of lockdowns, public health measures and social distancing, even if we know those things are keeping us safe. So, what to do when you’re stuck at home and sick of your own four walls? Plan a renovation!

See? Every downside has an upside, if you just look hard enough! You’re likely at home right now more than you’ve been in years. That means you’ve finally got the time (and the energy) to think about how you want to remodel and update your home, and we’ve got some ideas you should keep in mind when you sit down to get started.

Ask yourself what’s most important.
Do you have three projects in mind (a new ensuite, a renovated basement and a home office) but only have the budget for one? This is the first step – deciding what is most vital. If you’ve been working at the dining room table for 18 months, a home office is likely your top priority. If the kids are living at home again after university, a renovated basement with a guest room and new bathroom may well keep you all sane. Having a must-have list is fine, of course, but only if you have the budget to pay for it.

Consult everyone’s timetables.
Starting a renovation in mid-September, when the children are starting a new school year, isn’t wise. Nor should you undertake a major project two months into a new job. Look at your calendar (and your family’s) and get a consensus about when a big reno would be the least disruptive.

Decide how much you want to spend.
This is always a tough one, particularly right now, as products and materials have soared in price because of problems in the supply chain. Do you want to spend as much as one-third more to get the work you want done? Remember, your designer or builder has to add to your bill their increased costs. Lumber, for example, has gone up by more than 300 percent in some locations. Therefore, you’ve got to be realistic about what the project will cost, and whether you’re willing to absorb unforeseen expenses.

Do a lot of research on all aspects of the project.
Whether you look for pictures online or in a favorite decorating magazine, help your vision come to life with photos and colour choices for the renovation. Doing this also makes things easier at the next step!

Get in touch with your trusted designer-builder.
In the initial stages of the project you hope to see happen, it’s vital that you connect with a professional renovator like Kay2 Contracting. They will tell you several important factors: how realistic your budget is, and how possible the time frame you’ve set is. They will also tell you whether it’s realistic to hope for certain products and materials to arrive on schedule, or whether you’re likely to be kept waiting for a month or more. Professional renovators have the inside track on everything involved in construction, such as just how busy tradespeople are (electricians, window installers, etc.) and they can paint an accurate overall picture of when the project will be finished.

If there is one upside to this pandemic, it is that everyone is realizing just how important their homes are. Both to their family’s well-being and even to their professional lives. Planning a renovation is a productive – never mind fun! — way to spend your downtime right now. So, get out your phone, surf the Internet for photos of newly designed rooms, research trends for 2021, contact Kay2 Contracting and get started!

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