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Now What??? The Kids Have Gone & You Have Lots of New Space


Now What???
The Kids Have Gone & You Have Lots of New Space

The door just closed behind the last of the children to leave home. Off to college, off to a new job, off on a trip – as long as they’re safe and happy, you’re just fine with their exit, right?

In fact, let’s admit it, you just might heave a sigh of delight at the peace, quiet and sudden expanse of space you now have at your disposal. Not to worry; you’re not alone! Plenty of empty nesters are thrilled to suddenly have lots of spare square footage on their hands, and can’t wait to discover new ways to use those areas that were once devoted to the kids.

We have some ideas for you, ways to turn those now-unused rooms into delightful spots that you’ll use, either for yourself or (one day!) the grandchildren.

1) A proper home office. If, like many folks, you may have spent the last 16 months working from home at the dining room table, it may be time you had a proper area to call your own office. Consider how terrific it is going to be to have a permanent place for your computer, files, and all the other items that go along with remote working. This doesn’t require a major reno, necessarily, just taking out the bed and buying a desk, lamps, and anything else you need at your disposal. But if a fresh coat of paint or stunning wallpaper in your favorite colour would make it feel like it’s truly yours, go for it!

2) A guest bedroom for when they come back. We all know that children never really leave the nest, but that doesn’t mean the spare bedroom has to look like it did when they lived in it. Fresh linens, new wallpaper, modern lighting and a grown-up dresser all make a guest room welcoming for anyone who comes by for a visit, not just the children.

3) Re-do the playroom into a home fitness studio. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have an attic or rec room that has served as the kids’ play headquarters for decades. Now, it’s your turn! You don’t have to donate the video games and big screen TV; we’re suggesting you store those and turn this space into the home gym of your dreams. Free weights, a bench and perhaps a yoga mat are all you need to do workouts in roomy peace. And if the kids come back temporarily, their old belongings aren’t far out of reach.

4) A “man cave” or den. Has the man in your family sacrificed private space for years so the children can have a study or playroom? Now is the time to let him go to town, and create a space in which he’s happy on his own. Here’s where the big screen TV can go, along with a bar fridge and comfy seating, so when his friends come by for the big game, they aren’t messing up the living room. A pool table perhaps? Maybe even a wet bar? Do it right and he may never come out!

These are just a few of the wonderful options available to you when the children finally leave home to start their own lives. Whether you want an artist’s studio, a crafts room or a renovation to the master bedroom, the sky’s the limit when it comes to possibilities! Of course, we know you want to keep an area for them to stay in when they come home, because let’s be honest, the kids never truly leave home, do they? For all your home renovation and remodeling needs, contact the experts at Kay2. Our team of experienced interior designers, architects and tradesmen are sure to help you achieve the space you want.

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