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Modern Storage Options


Modern Storage Options:
Ideas To Consider When Planning Your Home Renovation

The most common complaint we’ve heard from folks since the pandemic began goes something like this: “I never knew how small our house really is!”

If the past 18 months have proved anything, it’s that people feel crowded in their own homes when they’re in lockdown 24/7. Being with the family constantly is stressful enough, but tripping over their boots, shoes and laptops is enough to bring on real arguments. Maybe that’s what’s prompted you to finally hire a professional designer-renovator and get to enhancing the space you’ve got.

Good for you!

We’ve got some suggestions for you about ramping up your storage space when the renovation finally gets underway. Some are easy, some take a pro to handle, but all are well worth the time and money to give you the extra storage space you no doubt desperately need.

1) A built in, slide out “pantry” shelf. There are some “dead” wall spaces in the kitchen, most notably the area between the fridge and the wall closest to it, or that area under the counter by the kitchen sink. A slide out “pantry” shelf is a terrific place to store everything from olive oil to dry spices. Your designer can show you some inexpensive options that take almost no time to install during the renovation.

2) Look up, and store stuff! Ever wonder about all that space above your windows or kitchen cabinets? There is plenty of room there for storing items you don’t use every day, like the good dishes or certain pots and pans. Perhaps some professionally built in shelves are just the ticket for storing the good china?

3) Find cool ways to hide small appliances. Items like the coffee maker and microwave can be built right in during a kitchen renovation, and doing so takes up less space and creates a tidier visual look. Talk with your contractor and designer about how this can be done efficiently, and as inexpensively as possible.

4) Buy furniture that doubles as storage space. Let’s say you finally got to renovating the attic so the kids have an open space in which to play, or you’re now getting your own fitness studio at home. Whatever the purpose, you can keep the area open by choosing ingenious items that look great and serve as storage spaces too. For example, for your home gym, choose a bench or table with a lid that opens, so you can store your free weights out of sight. Or the same piece can double as a toy chest. Keeping everything tidy and out of sight means the space is clean, uncluttered and organized.

5) Have a tall unit built in to any room. Older homes sometimes lack enough closet space. Kitchens of any era often lack room for all your spices, dishes, pots and more. The solution is having your designer create a tall, gorgeous cabinet that can contain almost everything, whether it’s clothes or canned goods, thereby keeping your home’s “visible inventory” to a minimum!

Modern storage solutions don’t have to cost a fortune, and can be added when you’re renovating. Your professional designer can look at the space you’ve got, imagine the space you’re dreaming of, and offer plenty of answers to all your storage problems. Whether you live in Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, or Banff and surrounding areas, the experts at Kay2 Contracting can help you plan your next home renovation to include practical storage ideas. Call today for your free estimate.

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