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As COVID-19 has taken its toll on the world, working from home is the new norm for a number of working individuals. With this growing trend in mind, new debate in the market has emerged. How do we maintain the quality of work? Frankly speaking, working from home does blur the lines between office and home; both positively as well as negatively. Employers and employees alike are concerned about distractions, quality of work and time efficiency. To help solve these issues, one may need to consider a home office renovation or home office construction. When planning these types of home improvements, the following measures should be considered to maintain both comfort of home while preserving professional work without compromising quality or efficiency. 

Constructing your Workspace

Individuals working away from the office are recommended to find a quiet space under the roof of their house and transform it into an office. It is very important that the area you choose allows you to detach from your personal tasks and function well, both mentally and physically, for work. An area polluted with noise is very disturbing and distorts the thinking process. Similarly, working from the comfort of your bed makes one lazier and compromises mental agility. As suggested by experts, one may try to incorporate a pop of green color in their atmosphere, be it plants or green wall paint; it is the color of productivity and emits positivity into its surrounding.

Plan to Take Short Breaks 

During office hours, one must take short breaks in order to refresh their mind and memory. Individuals are advised to keep small activities that are easily accessible near the location of their office such as treadmills, games, or visits outside to get their eyes off the screen. It is beneficial as one gets a clearer perspective when they resume and avoid overexerting themselves mentally. When planning your home office renovation, consider incorporating these aspects within your floorplan.

Create a Checklist 

Before starting a home office renovation, one is advised to spare some time and prepare a thoughtful checklist. Consider all the elements that your job requires and list the improvements that will satisfy those requirements. Whether it be soundproofing, larger counter space, privacy options or strategically placed outlets and cable connections, having a checklist will help your renovation planning process go smoothly. 

Keep Your Space Clean 

A clean and decluttered workspace helps one think more clearly.  Piles of unnecessary papers and stationery frustrate individuals that result in their performance suffering. As experts suggest, your working desk should only entertain few folders relevant to the projects one is working on, a hand full of pens, and a few sticky notes.  An organized and hassle-free environment impacts positively on ones thinking. Therefore, be sure to include functional cabinetry or storage solutions in your home office renovation. 

Working from home has plenty of advantages such as it saves gas, traveling time and is cost-effective, however it can lower productivity and may compromise the quality of work. Consider creating the perfect home office to inspire a healthy work-life balance and enhance your best capabilities. Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, contact the experts at Kay2 and plan you home office renovations today.

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