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Making Space:
Should I Add Square Footage or Remodel?


Making Space:
Should I Add Square Footage or Remodel?

If ever a year taught us how important a home’s size is, it was 2020. Families spent a whole lot more time together indoors than they used to, and right now it looks like we’re in for more of the same restrictions for a while yet. The pandemic has made many people realize that their houses just aren’t big enough for everybody, and homeowners are desperately seeking solutions for creating more space.

The question is, then, should you remodel what you’ve got to create new space, or should you put on a home addition? Like so many questions about home renovations, the answer is a firm: it depends.

It depends on how much you’re willing to invest. It depends on the feasibility of, for example, turning your attic into a home office or playroom. And it depends on zoning, if you’re considering adding a whole new second or third floor to an existing structure. Here, we offer a few suggestions about what works in different scenarios. No matter which one you choose, have fun planning this major project.

  1. Redo your basement. 

Let’s say your basement is partially done, and you use it for storage and laundry. Now is the perfect time to get it finished, and put an extra bedroom or family room down there. And don’t forget the extra bathroom.

  1. Expand the kitchen outwards.

The kitchen is the heart of most houses, so having extra space makes a huge difference in your home’s market value and day to day livability. And because kitchens often look out on backyards, opening them up makes sense. However, you need a professional kitchen designer and kitchen renovator to tackle this project – it’s too big for even the most confident DIY individual. Have a chat with a renovator you trust, tell them what your expectations are and your budget, and take it from there.

  1. Remodel that unused attic. 

Many houses have attics that, once remodeled, make excellent guest rooms, play rooms, or loft spaces for the whole family. Even if the walls are on a slant, the space can be designed to work well as a home office, gym or multi-purpose room.

  1. Add a whole new floor. 

This is a time consuming (and pricey!) option, but if you love your home, area and school district, it just might be the perfect choice for you and your family. It needs an experienced architect, designer and home renovator to be done properly – no DIY types need apply! Your renovator may recommend building the addition off site, then bringing it to you ready to be attached. This creates less havoc, particularly if you are planning to stay in your home during the renovation. Your professional team will advise you whether this is a smart option for your needs and goals.

  1. Winterize that sun room or porch. 

Plenty of houses in Alberta have a two or three season front porch or sun room, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could use it year-round? You can! Once the space is fully enclosed, insulated and heated, you’ve got what amounts to a full, new room that the whole family can enjoy.

These are just a few of the ways you can finally get all the extra space you’ve been hoping for. Some are more expensive options than others, but staying put in a home you love, and making it grow to meet your family’s needs, is often a wiser choice than moving. Contact the award-winning team of professional home improvement experts at Kay2 today to see what your budget can bear, and enjoy watching your home become the bigger, better house you’ve always dreamed of.

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