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Make Your Cabinets Pop! Tricks & Trends So Your Cupboards Stand Out


Have you been thinking of ways to update your kitchen without spending your entire savings? We get it – there isn’t always the budget for a complete renovation. But there are ways to make to make your kitchen look and feel fresh and new, and making your kitchen cabinets pop is one of them. Not all of these changes are expensive, either; in fact, some might cost less than your monthly takeout food bill! Consider one (or all) of these ideas when you’re looking to refresh and update your kitchen cabinets without spending a whole lot. And talk this over with a trusted kitchen renovator like Kay2 Contracting; they are sure to have creative ideas for how to make your cabinets really stand out.

1) New paint – and blue is big this year. Blue in certain shades is actually looked on as a neutral, rather than a colour in the strictest sense of the word. Blue with steel grey undertones looks fabulous on cabinet doors, especially with white walls. Add door knobs in natural wood (blonde pine is gorgeous!) and the cabinets do more than pop – they practically sing!

2) Grey is still big. Grey for cabinets has long been a popular, classy choice for kitchen cupboards, and the trend is holding in 2021. Pale grey looks fantastic with stainless steel appliances, so if you’re not brave enough to go blue, opt for a light grey shade instead.

3) Buy some knockout hardware and knobs. Choosing hardware that really stands out is a great way to update your cabinets without spending a fortune. Be sure it’s in keeping with the design and decor of the kitchen, but go for something bold. You’ll be surprised by just how different your kitchen looks with just this one, small change.

4) Glass doors and opening shelves. This combination is not for minimalists, or those who can’t stand the look of a well-used (and well loved!) room. Naturally you can see through glass doors, and open shelving puts dishes, pots and utensils on display. But it also makes the kitchen look homey, and like the kind of room people love hanging out in. Which it is, right?

No matter which of these ideas you choose, you’re going to get kitchen cabinets that look updated, new, and refreshed. Talk over the more in-depth changes with your kitchen renovator, who can provide details on the cost of a professional paint job, and other upgrades. The kitchen is likely your family’s favorite room (it’s ours!) so keeping it looking new is a great way to make it more appealing, more welcoming, and more people friendly. And these changes don’t have to break the bank! Whether you live in Edmonton or Calgary, contact Kay2 Contracting today for a free estimate and consultation. Our award-winning team will be glad to help you choose a design that suits your home and lifestyle. Call today; you’ll be glad you did!

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