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Laundry Room Renovations With Style & Flair


Laundry Room Renovations With Style & Flair:
Design Tips for this Dynamic Room

If you’re thinking of having your laundry room renovated or updated and worry it’s going to be drab and dull, think again! Just because this area is used for weekly chores doesn’t mean the room itself must be dull. We’ve got some suggestions for you about how to make this area appealing visually, while at the same time efficiently performing its functions. With a great home renovation, you just might find that, done right, your laundry room is a place you actually enjoy spending a few hours in each week:

1) Make the most of your square footage. Most laundry rooms have limited space, so it’s important that you (and your designer) make the most of the area. A large storage unit with shelves and drawers should dominate visually. But it need not be boring! You can enclose the shelves with doors or leave them open – that’s up to you. Also, consider installing a stack-able washer and dryer, which require less room.

2) Choose practical but attractive flooring. This room should have flooring that withstands moisture well, like laminate, tile or cement. It can be painted in a lovely shade that works with whatever colours you choose for the walls. Add a sturdy (but pretty!) area rug, and the laundry room will look like all your other rooms – beautifully styled and attractive to the eye.

3) Don’t forget about seating. Not everyone wants to sit and wait for the rinse cycle to finish, but a bench (with storage underneath it) is practical and visually appealing. If your laundry room is combined with the mud room, through which the family enters and exits in the winter, be sure there is somewhere to hang coats and sweaters, and that you’ve got a place to store boots and shoes.

4) Select lighting that’s good for doing chores. Your laundry room isn’t the place for mood lighting! Doing laundry, ironing and folding clothes and towels are why you need good overhead lighting that zeroes in over the places you perform these tasks. But again, while your lighting must prioritize function, it need not be boring. This is where your designer can really help – ask them to suggest what works best in a small but busy area like the laundry room.

5) Choose cheerful colours for the walls and rug. Making your laundry room coordinated, colorful, inviting and organized goes a long way toward making it part of your home, not an afterthought you can’t wait to leave. With the right decor, you just might find yourself squirrelled away with a good book and a mug of tea, happily waiting for the dryer to finish a load.

Too often, laundry rooms are the last room in the house people invest in updating, and home renovations. They can become disorganized and even chaotic spaces no one wants to enter. But making the most of this area is important, particularly if it has an entrance way into your home. You don’t need to spend a lot to make your laundry room look great while making it as efficient as possible. Soon you’ll find yourself leaving the door to it open, so you can sneak a satisfied peek at this room that was once boring, but now pops with style, flair and colour! Contact Kay2 Contracting today for your free consultation towards a fresh and revitalize laundry room.

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