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lass Showers: This Bathroom Fixture Is Still A Big Trend


When you’re renovating your bathroom, one of the most luxurious changes you can make is opting for a glass shower. There are plenty of good reasons for making this change, and you don’t need a massive bathroom to have one. Glass showers are hugely popular today because they aren’t hard to clean, they have no metal that corrodes, and they look great in almost any bathroom.

Interested yet? We thought you might be!

Here’s a look at the benefits of installing a glass shower, things you should consider when it’s time to renovate the washroom or ensuite. Of course, you should talk to a trusted plumber and renovator like Kay2 Contracting about making the switch, but a glass shower might turn out to be one of those changes you wish you’d made sooner!

It’s Easier to clean.
Because there is no shower curtain to get dirty or tub that needs scrubbing, glass shower doors are almost a breeze to keep clean and sterile. It’s rather like cleaning your car’s windshield – a squeegee does the trick. And because there is little to no metal on custom made shower doors, there is less chance for corrosion or mold to build.

The cost can be reasonable.
Like most small reno projects, there are options on the market that allow you to install a glass shower yourself, and doing so helps keep costs down. However, if plumbing tasks make you nervous or you’ve never done a bathroom reno before, we suggest you leave the installation to professionals. Custom fits, in particular, can be tricky, and you don’t want to risk leaks or – heaven forbid! — crack the tempered glass.

The glass makes the bathroom look and feel bigger.
Because of their “see through” nature, glass showers enhance the size of the bathroom visually. It makes the space look less carved up, and lends an aura of classic sophistication to the room. The whole area looks cleaner, bigger and brighter, because light gets in and “plays on” the glass. Overall, it’s just a beautiful look!

If you are renovating your bathroom or even want to update it, a custom glass shower is definitely worth the investment. However, there are one or two drawbacks that should be weighed before you make your final decision. For example, some people find that, because the glass doesn’t offer as much privacy as a traditional shower curtain, they feel more exposed. Consequently, they don’t enjoy their time in the shower quite as much. The other factor that should be noted is space: if you love your bathtub, and your bathroom can’t accommodate both that and a separate shower, perhaps this is not the right choice for you. No matter how elegant and modern custom glass showers are, they are only the right choice if all their features suit you and your personal tastes.

No matter what you decide, the most important decision you’ll make is having the right installer take care of your work for you. Talk to your renovator, ask for their input, and you’ll soon have the bathroom – and shower – you’ve been dreaming of!

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