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Kitchen Flooring: What to Choose and What to Avoid


If you’re planning to welcome summer of 2021 with a kitchen update or full renovation, we know that new flooring will be one of the most important purchases you make.

It needs to be durable, of course, because this is the room where the family gathers for everything from hot meals to homework. Spills, messes and food odors are all part of a kitchen’s “daily life,” and we know you expect whatever flooring you select to be able to stand up to all those, and more. Also, flooring has to tie together all the elements of your kitchen – the appliances and the cabinets and the island and pantry, so it’s got a big job description!

What should you choose? And just as importantly, what should you avoid? We’ve got some ideas for you on both those counts.

1) Never carpeting. Most people realize that carpeting can work in virtually every room in the house except the kitchen. No matter how low the nap and durable the fabric, carpeting in the kitchen is simply a bad idea. It absorbs odors, and spills never fully come out. Neither do stains. No matter how trendy carpeting in the kitchen may become, we suggest you avoid this no matter what.

2) Porcelain, stone, tile or vinyl. These can all work in kitchen floors, but your choice should depend on how durable you need it to be. For example, even the finest stone or porcelain flooring can stain if they aren’t well sealed, and it can be tough to remove certain ones, like red wine, particularly if they’ve had a chance to set. Some stone and porcelain can be expensive, but there are economical options too. Ask your kitchen renovator for their opinion on which material is best for you, based on your lifestyle, tastes, and elements in the kitchen like the colour of your appliances. Vinyl is durable, and there are plenty of choices in patterns, colours and styles. It can imitate hardwood or tile and it looks beautiful.

3) Hardwood is a good choice. This is particularly true if the rest of your home’s main floor is done in wood – keeping all the rooms consistent makes the area feel and look more spacious. Hardwood floors, with carpeting on the stairs and the higher levels, is both practical and beautiful. And while you may worry about the beating and scratches hardwood has to take in the kitchen – chairs being pulled in and out from an island, for example – there are lots of way to avoid that problem. Put leg coasters on the kitchen

chairs so they don’t scuff the floor, and they’re quiet, too! And once the wood is sealed, it can take a lot of abuse before scratches occur and become noticeable. Placing a trendy waterproof mat over areas that may be prone to water (such as under the front of the sink or dish washer) can help avoid moisture damage as well.

There are other choices for kitchen flooring you should consider, like limestone and linoleum. The right option for you and your family is determined by your budget, the size of the kitchen, how much traffic there is, and your personal preferences. Once you decide on who is going to handle the renovation for you, ask for their input and guidance. Kay2 Contracting can provide plenty of ideas you may not have considered, and we’ll know what will work in your space, and – just as importantly – what won’t! Whether you live in Calgary or Edmonton and surrounding areas, contact us today for your free consultation and estimate.

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