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Kitchen Cabinet Trends For 2021


During the life-changing events of 2020, families stayed inside and began to prize
their indoor spaces more than ever. Kitchens, in particular, took on an even greater
significance, as the room where folks cooked, ate, and shared conversations about the
world “out there.” Kitchens have always been the life blood of most homes, but that
importance has grown hugely in the last 16 months, and will continue to grow for the
foreseeable future.

That means that lots of folks have decided to upgrade this prized room, to make it
more functional and more inviting than ever. Kitchen cabinets are flying out of
hardware stores and online retailers at a pace not seen for decades.
Designers have taken the last year to look for fresh inspiration for colours and
materials, and now offer a wide range of new looks. Here, we look at what’s hot in
kitchen cabinets this year:

1) Different colours in different places. Once upon a time, a monochromatic colour
scheme in the kitchen was de rigueur, but today; Not so much! Some renovators are
installing cupboards in different colours – for example, black for the bottom ones,
white for the top, or different colours side by side. These cupboards are striking and
innovative, but they demand a large space, so if you like this idea, talk it over with the
professionals handling your kitchen renovation and ask their opinion. If you don’t
have the space to realize this vision, consider a pop of colour in one spot – around the
appliances, for example, or on the base of the kitchen island or bar.

2) Blue is big these days. And not just one shade, but many – everything from dark
navy to sky blue to azure are hot trends. If blue is your favorite colour, putting it in the
kitchen is definitely doable! Depending on the shade you choose, your cupboards will
look sleek and modern or traditional and antique-y. The sky’s the limit – and the

3) Cupboards floor to ceiling for storage and a sleek look. Some folks are choosing
to have enough storage space with cupboards that go all the way up rather than
installing a pantry that matches the cabinets. This look is minimalist and tidy, and is
perfect for homemakers who can’t stand mess and the sight of crowded shelves.

4) Wood warms it all up! Different woods are back in kitchen cupboards, and
depending on your preference, you can go dark (in oak, for example) or light (with
pine, for instance.) If you prefer the ease of cleanup with different surfaces on your

cupboards, consider wood as an accent. At the base of the kitchen island, for example
– it’s a great way to create a focal point in the kitchen without going 100% all wood.

These are just a few of the hottest trends for 2021, and there are plenty others geared
to just about any taste. If you don’t have the budget for a full update, consider getting
new hardware pulls and knobs for cabinets and drawers. Even a small change can
make your kitchen look more inviting, new, and welcoming for family and friends

Whether you live in Edmonton, Canmore, Banff or Calgary and surrounding
areas, contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting for your free kitchen renovation
consultation today.

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