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Interior Design and Space Planning


The purpose of the interior designing is to make indoor spaces safe, functional and beautiful. Allocating space prerequisites and choosing fundamental and enriching essentials are the primary steps to achieving these results. Space planning is a basic step in the interior design process. Without appropriate space arrangement, you risk making a plan that is not ideal and that does not function efficiently. The way towards an effective space plan begins with deciding the purpose for the areas of improvement.


Every home owner wants their house to be designed in a way that gives it a fresh and updated new look and feel. Many home owners who are space planning or making other interior designing touches look for impressive and experienced service providers. At Kay2 Contracting, we recognize the major benefits of interior design. Our goal is to provide you effective and efficient planning and quality work as customer satisfaction is our core value. We offer reliable services by a team of proficient and experienced interior designers and architectural engineers. Below are some ideas for space-planning and interior designing that can be considered:


  • Add Strategic Lighting

Appropriate space planning should boost the measure of light in the room. You can do this by adding or replacing the window, or just by ensuring there is adequate and strategic artificial lighting in the space. Proper lightning is an aspect that can make or break even the best interior design. There are endless styles and designs of lighting available for you to choose from. Your interior designer will guide you through selecting suitable and complimenting fixtures and layouts for your home.

  • Open-Concept Design

Open-concept design is a high-demand and trending architectural way to make your home look modern and spacious. It can be used in virtually any floor plan, which can assist in making limited square-footage more functional. 

  • Remarkable Flooring

A strong way to impress your guests is by introducing smart and sleek flooring. Flaunting uncommon designs such as herringbone patterns in your home are sure to make a statement. Recruiting a proficient design team for assistance from choosing installation to materials is a worthy add-on. Ground surface style can not only be stunning, it can be sure to expand the appearance and value of your home.

  • Integrating Unique Designs

If your budget allows it, consider putting resources into a bespoke household item that has a genuinely unique design. Place it strategically in the house so that it can make a statement. For example, crisscross formed cabinetry or uniquely constructed furniture can serve as a complimentary feature of your design. These embellishing pieces will no-doubt leave visitors enlivened and intrigued.


A home renovation is an excellent way to upgrade interiors and keep it up-to-date with the latest design trends. With some strategic tweaks, you can create a much more stylish and valuable property. Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our award-winning team is ready to assist you. Contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting today and let us help you realize your property’s potential!


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