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How to Have A Fabulous Ensuite: Dos and Don’ts for This Renovation


Is it finally time to completely redo your private bathroom? That’s marvelous! Having a washroom right off your bedroom is one of those wonderful features that gives an individual privacy and a place to unwind and soak at the end of a long day. When you’re ready to renovate, there are some “dos and don’ts” that are important to keep in mind. Here are some key tips to bear in mind when renovating your ensuite.

1) Do opt for neutral styles in expensive purchases. If you decide to splurge on pricey taps, for example, it’s best to choose ones that are classic, and in neutral colours. You can add pops of colour with towels and other accessories when the ensuite is built.

2) Don’t forget about storage. Some ensuites are fairly small and lack sufficient storage space for towels and other bathroom necessities. If you’re renovating, now is the time to correct that problem. Ask your professional renovator for creative solutions to limited space and they’ll be sure to have ideas about adding storage.

3) Do make it energy efficient. Choose a toilet that’s water efficient, for example, along with other eco-friendly fixtures. Any choice you make today that is environmentally aware will make your home more valuable tomorrow, particularly to young buyers.

4) Don’t go bargain hunting when buying the vanity. This is an important piece of your new ensuite, and you should choose one that’s durable, classic and neutral in colour. Invest in a quality vanity to avoid quality issues in the near future.

5) Do splurge on your new shower. We’ve written about the current popularity of custom glass showers, and they are popular for good reasons. They are much easier to keep clean, there is no, or almost no metal in the frame, and they make the ensuite look bright, airy and roomy. Talk to your renovator if you’re determined to keep your bathtub, as they’ll have ideas on how to incorporate both in the design.

6) Don’t overlook good lighting. This is one aspect of an ensuite reno that is hugely important. Even if there is lots of natural light pouring in from a window, you need good lighting for seeing clearly, whether you’re getting ready to head to the office or stepping out of a dripping shower.

7) Don’t rush the consultation process. Once you’ve decided to renovate your ensuite, talking it over thoroughly with a trusted professional is crucial. They will have lots of ideas about what’s on trend, what will work in the size of the bathroom and how to make it work well with the design of the master bedroom. This is a reno that takes a great deal of planning, so consider all your options carefully. 

Planning and executing the renovation of your ensuite is particularly exciting because you have the opportunity to make it reflect your personal tastes and style, unlike other bathrooms that may be used by the rest of the family. Indulge in a few luxuries, like new towels, to finish off what is sure to be a marvelous change to your private quarters!


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