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Hire A Pro To Install Your Kitchen Cabinets


Hire A Pro To Install Your Kitchen Cabinets:
The Many Benefits Of Expertise

There are plenty of DIY projects around the house that folks with a little knowledge, a variety of tools, and a few spare hours can tackle themselves and do a reasonably acceptable job.

Installing new kitchen cabinets isn’t one of those projects. 

We know what you’re thinking: “If I can save money doing something myself, why not?” Well, let us count the ways! There are plenty of advantages to hiring a professional kitchen cabinet installer for this crucial project, and here are just a few you should consider.

1) Kitchen renovators have the tools, the experience and the expertise. Some folks think that because cabinet design doesn’t look complicated – after all, they are, in essence, just differently shaped boxes, right? — they must be easy to hang. Nothing could be further from the truth! Consider what cabinets hold – heavy dishes, pots and pans, glass ware, and much more – then imagine all you need to know to ensure they are hung securely and safely. Some require special hardware to hang properly, and professionals are the people who know best what equipment to use for different structures. It is not merely a case of putting in a screw or nail into a wall!

2) Kitchen Renovators have likely seen it all. This relates to experience. Most installers have tackled different wall materials and different cabinet weights. For example, some century homes still have horse hair plaster in the walls, which cracks easily if the wrong type of screw or nail is used. Professionals know what to expect no matter what kind of material was used in kitchens, and they get it right the first time.

3) You save money, because mistakes are avoided. DIY projects go awry so easily, and then a professional must be brought in to fix the damage and do the job right. It is wiser, and more economical, to get your new cabinets installed right the first time!

4) Cleanup and disposal is handled quickly and completely by professional kitchen renovators. Part of your contract with a professional cabinet installer will task them with taking away the old cabinets and all the debris of the project. And this stage of the process isn’t easy! But professionals know how to dispose of these materials safely, sparing you trips to the dump, damage to your walls and other chores.

5) Kitchen Renovators have access to great cabinets at lower costs. Professional cabinet installers have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends, and they know where to acquire well made, stylish cabinets often at reduced prices. This is another way you get the best bang for your buck.

We know it’s tempting to tackle a project like kitchen cabinet installation yourself, because on the surface, it seems like a fairly easy task. Professionals make cabinet installation look easy, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Ultimately, when you see your new kitchen cabinets hung perfectly straight, safely and securely, you’ll be glad you brought in a pro to handle this enormous project for you! If you reside in Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore or Banff and surrounding areas contact the experts at Kay2 Contracting for all your kitchen cabinetry needs. 

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