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Get Fit! In-Home Gyms a Growing Trend in Calgary and Edmonton, AB


The year 2020 brought drastic changes due to the ever-evolving COVID19 pandemic. Lives shifted towards the digital world and many found peace and comfort in their homes. From work-life to satisfying food cravings, many activities became confined to the home. Many became determined to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle despite their restrictions. As a result, many individuals were inspired to create ways to exercise efficiently at home and the trend of in-home gyms exploded. This year’s market has seen a major increase in consultations for renovating, remodeling and most commonly, constructing an in-home gym from scratch. 


At Kay2 contracting, we understand the need for individuals and families alike to maintain a healthy lifestyle during these unprecedented times. If you are considering an in-home gym, read on for some tips and info from our experts.


The Cost of an In-Home Gyms

In-home gyms can consist of basic rubber flooring installation all the way to home additions and structural reinforcement. Depending on your requirements, an in-home gym can vary greatly in cost. Where on that range you fall relies upon your preparation objectives and how complex you need the arrangement to be. Consider whether your home improvement will be put to use long term or on occasional use and set your budget accordingly.


Advantages of an In-Home Gym

One of the greatest benefits of having an in-home gym is that you can exercise at any point you need rather than waiting for the gym to open up or your trainer to show up. You likewise have the freedom and comfort of other entertainment aids such as music and television. While the initial investment will be relatively larger than a gym membership, the benefits and savings are likely to exceed the cost in the long run. A home gym can last for years and can be tailored from time to time as per your physical requirements.


Additionally, with the unique situations surround the pandemic, an in-home gym can help you maintain social distancing. A great advantage of having an in-home gym is that you don’t need to impart your equipment to others. You can invest as much energy as you need in the equipment based on your personal preference and you won’t be exposed as much to strangers as you would be in a public gym


Tips for In-Home Gym Renovations 

You can turn house space into a personal in-home gym easily by utilizing the help of a professional. Kay2 Contracting is experienced in all aspects of interior renovations and remodeling. With experience in creating in-home gyms, our team maintains values that prioritize customer satisfaction. Here are a few tips for getting your in-home gym ready.


  • Determine the space you need
  • Consider the type of flooring required for your activities
  • Consider the air circulation potential
  • Plan Mirror and Fan Placement
  • Light it up properly
  • Choose a design and colors that will inspire you to be active


To ensure high quality in-home gym remodeling and renovations, contact Kay2 Contracting today to discuss your ideas. Whether you live in Calgary, Canmore, Banff or Edmonton and surrounding areas, our award-winning team is ready to assist you. 


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