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Fun & Games: Design A Space Just for Down Time


Fun & Games: Design A Space Just for Down Time

Everyone’s been home a whole lot more over the past 16 months. Whether you’re helping the kids with online classes or trying to do your paperwork at the dining room table, home has never been quite as necessary – and multi-purpose – as it’s been throughout the pandemic. But all work and no play make Jack and Jill very dull people indeed. That’s why your next renovation project should be for a play room – for kids and adults. A games room that’s got everyone’s favorite pastimes, like a pool table, giant TV screen and plenty of board games. Maybe even an area for sports, like a ping pong table or an air hockey game. As a finishing touch, set up a corner for quieter games – a chess board and two chairs, perhaps?

Whatever your family loves to play during their downtime, these activities can make this room a lively, fun-filled space everyone enjoys, a place where folks can be together and laugh– something we all need, particularly now.

Here are some suggestions for making the most of your home entertainment and games room:

1) Ask a designer to draw up separate spaces. If you have a large room you can devote to this project or a full basement, a designer can delegate the square footage so activities can occur simultaneously. For example: one area can be for music, with a vintage turntable and your record collection. All it takes are headphones, and no one else gets disturbed. The same goes for movie night; if folks have headphones on, two people can play chess or Monopoly across the room and not be interrupted. Soundproofing areas takes this principle to the max, so four activities can happen all at once.

2) Another area for sports games. You probably put up a basketball hoop outside in the summer of 2020 (didn’t everybody?) but bring some sports inside this season. Put up a hockey table, a pool table and a slide for the kids, and everyone will love being indoors.

3) Put up a crafts table for the kids. If all their supplies are in one spot – construction paper, crayons, etc. — they can head to it without having to ask you to pull everything out of a cupboard or box. Put up a bookcase for them too, to encourage them to pull a favorite story off the shelf and read on their own. (Providing they’re old enough, of course).

4) Consider an outdoor court for tennis. This would mean getting a permit and bringing in

a builder, as well as turning over some lawn or garden area to asphalt, but the benefits of a home court are enormous. You can swap the area out for a basketball court, too – just take down the net and put up a hoop! With a proper court, everyone has access to a variety of sports and gets plenty of fresh air and exercise. Even when the pandemic is behind us, family members will be happy to stay home to get their workouts in.

Having an area devoted to games, sports and other leisure activities ensures the family does more at home than just sitting down in front of the television. This entertainment and games room or area gets them moving, brings them together, and encourages fun and laughter. Is there anything better than the sound of family enjoying themselves, and each other, while staying active? Contact the home improvement experts at Kay2 Contracting today for your free no-obligation consultation.

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