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Full House: Privacy Tips for When Your Home Is Bursting


Having house guests can be wonderful, particularly if you haven’t seen them in a long time. Whether they are family members or friends, having someone come to stay is a great way to get caught up and reestablish old connections. And often, having someone under your roof for an extended stay is helpful to them, if (for example) they are getting settled in a new city and learning the ropes at a new job. Staying with you allows them to feel secure and safe in an unfamiliar environment.

But there is an old joke you’ve likely heard: house guests and old fish begin to smell after three days! Still, there are measures you can take to make this arrangement work. These steps make things less stressful for everyone, and boost your privacy when the house is fuller than usual.

Consider soundproofing the guest room. If you have someone in your spare room for any longer than two weeks, think about soundproofing the walls, particularly if the room has an ensuite bath. Do you want to hear their daily bathroom habits? We didn’t think so! Soundproofing can be done permanently or temporarily, with fabric or actual construction. Either way, you won’t hear a thing, and that helps everyone relax. Talk with your trusted renovator about options and costs. But trust us on this – soundproofing a room is worth every penny if you’re having guests for an extended stay.

Keep meals and activities separate at times. There is no rule that says you have to eat every meal with guests who are in your home for a lengthy period. And there is certainly no rule that says you are expected to cook for them! After the first week or so, talk candidly with them about eating together perhaps twice a week, but ask them to fend for themselves on the other days. Considerate guests will be out of the house before breakfast on some days, and not return until you’re back from the office and relaxing for the evening. If possible, make these things clear to them before they arrive, not after.

Offer them the basement as a living room. If you are fortunate enough to have a renovated basement, ask your guests to make use of it during their leisure hours. If the guest room is on the lower level, so much the better! Install a coffee maker and a bar fridge, so they can start their mornings without interrupting your family’s routine.

Make use of the patio and property whenever you can. If you eat meals separately after the first few days, serve your family outdoors if at all possible. This does two things – it reduces noise from your family so your guests aren’t disturbed. But it also creates an environment that’s private so your family can eat together as normally as possible, without making the guests feel like you’re ignoring them.

Hosting guests (family or otherwise) for a lengthy period is challenging at best. These measures go a long way toward boosting your privacy, and theirs, so everyone stays calm until things get back to normal. It’s also vital that you make clear just how long your hospitality is meant to last.

You can institute these measures even if it’s a family member craving privacy, for example a teenager who wants their own room so they can play music loudly. Put them downstairs in the basement guest room, get the walls soundproofed and they can play all kinds of music to their heart’s content! For your soundproofing needs in Calgary and Edmonton, contact the experts at Kay2 today for your free no-obligation consultation.

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