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Edmonton Home Renovations: Finding A Qualified Contractor in Edmonton, AB


Recruiting a qualified contractor is a move in which you should aspire to earn back equal or better value for each dollar you spend. Prior to redesigning your home or commencing a project, it’s important that you verify your contractor, check credentials and shop around to ensure you’re getting the best services available within your budget. There are safe methods for locating and verifying a contractor for your home remodeling or interior renovation in Edmonton, Alberta and being prepared and well-informed can help you avoid a homeowner’s worst nightmare. 


By choosing Kay2 contracting, your home improvements can be achieved with ease. Our award-winning team of designers, architectural engineers and tradesmen are professional, experienced and reliable. We ensure high-quality work and a smooth process from concept to completion. If you are considering an interior renovation or remodeling of your home, you can trust the experts at Kay2. 


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Regardless of the contractor you choose, getting onboard with a qualified contractor is imperative. Keep the following tips and information in mind as you begin your search for the right contractor.


  • Insured Contractors

Protection of deposits and insurance are some of the biggest concerns to keep in mind. Renovation and construction areas are inherently hazardous for a variety of reasons. In many cases, multiple professionals are working together in a home that maintains occupants. For this reason, regardless of whether your project is big or small, hiring a contractor that does not carry WCB and proper liability insurance for both personal injury and property damage is extremely risky. Additionally, a contractor must be bonded and licensed by the Province of Alberta to accept deposits. A deposit given to an unlicensed contractor is not safeguarded if things go sideways. Make sure you obtain a copy of your contractors CGL insurance certificate and Pre-paid Contractor License prior to commencing work or handing over your deposit. If you’d like to make sure a license is valid, visit the Service Alberta website and instantly confirm your contractor is licensed. 


  • Maintains a Good Reputation

In today’s world of businesses built on reviews, the best contractors are often easily found online or through word-of-mouth. While every project will be a unique experience and process, checking online reviews and ratings can provide a good idea of what to expect from your contractor in terms of customer service and results. Be wary if you notice a pattern of delays or quality issues and don’t be shy to ask questions. At Kay2 Contracting we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and satisfaction.  


  • Professional and Experienced

Contractors who have authentic capabilities and experience will be knowledgeable, informative and be able to provide a portfolio and references. Their team would be professional and the details of your project would be well documented by contract and signed by both parties. Renovation firms that procure different capabilities will likewise focus on the individual capabilities of their staff as well, utilizing only certified professionals for your project. 


Whether you live in Edmonton, Canmore, Banff or Calgary and surrounding areas, our experienced team of home renovation specialists at Kay2 Contracting can help you with your interior home renovations. From concept to completion, Kay2 checks all the boxes of a qualified contractor. Contact us today.


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