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Does Your Home Need A Facelift? Sure Signs It’s Time for An Exterior Update


Does Your Home Need A Facelift?
Sure Signs It’s Time for An Exterior Update

You know that feeling you get when, all of a sudden, you feel like your wardrobe is a little bit shabby and out of date? Homes can’t exactly feel that way, of course, but they sure can look it. Just like you know when your trousers are out of style or your favorite dress is definitely last season, so too can you tell when your home is in need of an update.

Here are some sure signs it’s time to upgrade the exterior of your house, along with a few suggestions for giving it a facelift.

1) Is the paint peeling or the siding worn? Whatever material covers the outside of your home – brick, wood, stucco, siding – it doesn’t last forever. Alberta, like many provinces in Canada, takes a beating eight months of the year, weather-wise, and home exteriors often need a renovation every few years. An overdue paint job can really make a home look tired and haggard, but get it done and your house suddenly looks bright and cheerful once again.

2) Is the foundation cracked? Even the toughest cement foundation gets cracked eventually. The occasional, minor one isn’t serious, but have major cracks tended to right away. It isn’t just your home’s appearance that’s at stake – it’s the very structure itself.

3) Does the landscaping need attention? Have any trees died, or are the flower pots faded and in need of replacing? Reviving your garden, landscape design, laying fresh sod on the lawn and planting new perennials goes a long way toward making your home look vibrant and alive.

4) How do the electrical fixtures look? If you have brass outdoor lighting, for example, winter snow and ice, to say nothing of freezing temperatures, can wreak havoc with the surfaces of light fixtures. Even steel fixtures get worn and rusty looking eventually. Change them for new ones, along with perhaps a new mailbox out front, and your home’s curb appeal may skyrocket.

5) How’s the condition of your front door area? Replacing this key element of your home’s exterior can make a huge difference in its visual appeal. Keep consistent with the home’s design, of course (modern, traditional, ranch, etc.) but opt for an energy-efficient model that adds value to your house.

6) What condition is the roof in? A new roof is the crowning glory of a home’s facelift, and it pays off when it comes to resale value. A new roof is worth every penny of the initial investment, as it saves energy, prevents leaks, and adds thousands to the home’s value instantly.

Other signs your house needs a facelift include cracked or broken fencing, chips in the tar on the driveway, and windows that leak energy and need replacing. However, many updates you choose to do, however much you decide to invest this year, remember – your home is your most prized possession and likely one of your biggest assets. Keep it looking good by tending to it every season or calling a professional home improvement firm like Kay2 Contracting. 

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