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Creating the Perfect Kitchen Pantry


For many people, a kitchen renovation is one of the essential parts of updating a home. Creating a system for storing dry products, snacks, paper products, and all kinds of cans and canned goods is essential in keeping your kitchen neat and tidy. Often, we don’t realize how, especially in busy families, everyone uses these forms all the time. If you use only a few kitchen cabinets or countertops, we can generally assume that there is not enough space for everything you need. 

The key to this problem is a well-designed solution. Remodeling a kitchen pantry or renovating a house to create a new kitchen pantry is the best way to ensure that space is used correctly. Pantries have become so essential to homeowners that many designers would have thought a lot more about these storage spaces in the past. Here are some tips to help you choose the right design for the perfect kitchen pantry:

Make sure you have easy access.

A pantry means you can store all your unrefrigerated goods in one place. The problem is that, despite having a kitchen pantry, what is stored behind the rack can be easily lost or hidden only to be found if you go searching or clean the pantry. The best option is to choose convenient storage options, such doors and cupboards with glass or acrylic covers, in which you can easily see everything. You can customize the design with a mix of slides, cupboard and drawers. Additionally, outlets and counter space have proven very useful in pantries, as are labels and storage solutions for smaller items such as custom spice racks. Pantry’s can be both visible and obvious or completely hidden. One pantry becomes an extension of the kitchen with two sets of double doors. Having the doors made in the same materials as the rest of the cabinetry can create a uniform and seamless look within your kitchen renovation. Maybe others will not even notice the secret pantry that exists behind!

Renovating for a walk-through pantry

These huts have been famous since ancient times, where several rooms have been reserved for the panzer. It was as good as a room in the kitchen. Due to its contemporary design, this independent space can be incorporated into the rest of the floorplan with little effort. In this case, the kitchens entryway would remain unchanged, while the area on the opposite side of the pantry (usually opening to the family room or back entrance) would be renovated to add another entrance to the pantry; hence allowing one to walk-through it and into the kitchen. This design creates immense convenience to many and can also be implemented into the layout when planning a new home build.

Designing a new Layout:

If you look around the kitchen, you will often find unused space. Several modern innovative concepts have made effective use of this space by implementing additional cabinetry to serve as a pantry. Using this technique adds not only character but brings functionality to your kitchen. They quickly prove instrumental because they are conveniently located for the purpose of storing food and other everyday necessities.

Whether you live in Canmore, Edmonton, Banff or Calgary and surrounding areas, Kay2 Contracting can help you incorporate a beautiful and functional pantry into your kitchen floorplan. Contact the award-winning team at Kay2 for all your kitchen renovation needs today and get your free no-obligation consultation.

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