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Considering A Custom Home Renovation?


Getting into the process of a custom house build to create a home exactly the way you
want it tends to be an overwhelming, yet exciting responsibility. There are numerous
important aspects to consider including hiring of the right interior designer or
architectural engineer. Your part in the planning, designing and building of your home
and budgeting or arranging financing are also foundational aspects to consider. By
hiring a custom home builder, you eliminate the need to manage multiple parties for one

If you are contemplating a custom home build, hiring a professional to ensure the quality
of work and timely, reliable services is highly recommended. Although you can find
hundreds of companies advertising custom home builds with a simple internet search,
it’s important that you find an experienced and competent company to manage your
project. Building a custom home can go wildly over budget in the wrong hands; in many
cases prohibitively so. At Kay2 Contracting, you can rest assured that our professional
team of home building and home improvement specialists have your project under
control. Here are a few tips to consider on what to do and what not to do when planning
a custom home build.

Do’s of Custom Home Builds

Choose the location or land carefully
Finding the right and suitable location for your home is a critical element. It is
important to consider the plot of land to build your custom home. You need to
consider a few key points while you are searching and selecting your lot.

  • Future development of the area
  • Utilities, sewer and drainage systems or existing constructional
  • Zoning, fees, taxes, permits or charges
  • Knowing the underground utility locations and their existing time.
  • Excavation requirements and removal or addition of structures, plants or
  • Building Schemes and Restrictions

Include space and extra storage
Custom homes can be as small or as large as you need them to be, with
numerous alternatives with regards to floorplans. It is important to consider the
needs of your family members, their hobbies, the visiting family or friends or any
other guests that can possibly take up space. At Kay2 Contracting we cater to
your needs providing you with a suitable plan. Our custom home building
experts, interior designers and architectural designers will help you plan
functional spaces and storage options to fulfil your requirements.

Don’ts of Custom Home Builds

Don’t Hold Back Your Ideas
Despite the fact that building a home brings with its numerous choices, it is
critical to communicate your needs, future plans and wants during the planning
stage to your contractor. This incorporates any floor plan necessities, designs,
using the right kind of material, walls, windows and the list go on. The specialist
at Kay2 Contracting can help you cater best towards your ideas.

Don’t Forget to Think Long Term
While planning a custom home build make sure to think of your long-term plan
and avoid the need for a future home renovation. When making your selections,
ensure the materials are durable, timeless, strong and environmentally friendly.
An experienced interior designer can assist you in creating inspiring and beautiful

For more tips and tricks to ensure a high-quality custom home build, contact Kay2
Contracting today and book a free consultation.

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