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Colour Schemes for The Kitchen: What’s on Trend Now for Summer 2021


Ah, the kitchen. Is there a more popular, busier place in the entire house? We don’t think so either. Giving your kitchen an update with a fresh coat of paint is a wonderful way to make this room brighter, cheerier and even more welcoming. Here are some of this season’s most popular colour choices for your kitchen. Whether you go big and bold or neutral and serene is entirely up to you, but rest assured – there is just the right tone or hue available to make your kitchen sing!

1) Go modern with black, grey and white. White walls, stainless steel appliances and black on the island’s base screams sheik and modern. Fixtures in chrome or silver and black cabinets (or just the hardware, if that’s a little too daring) looks sleek and very 21st century. There are lots of ways to play with black, grey and white, such as large tiles on the floor. Ask your designer for ideas on this updated take on a popular trio.

2) Blue, blue and more blue. We’ve said it before – blue consistently wins the most popular colour title in all of North America, and this year is no exception. Blue comes in so many shades that you can choose at least two for your kitchen – the walls in pale blue, for example, and the trim in a darker shade. When you go with blue, the sky is the limit when it comes to your choice of hues.

3) Yellow is back, big time. Soft, buttery yellow walls and white cabinets makes a kitchen warm and inviting, and it’s a colour scheme that’s been popular for years. But that’s not the only yellow that’s big this year – shades like mustard and fiery orange and Tuscan red are big as well. If you like bold colours, talk to your professional painter about how these “big” hues might work in your kitchen; a lot depends on its size, the colour of the appliances, and of course your personal taste.

4) Green is serene and calming. It’s the colour of nature, so of course it looks great where food is! Green has remained one of the world’s most popular kitchen colours, often paired with white cabinets (or wood, which looks great) and hardwood flooring. Green is particularly well suited to century homes, or if you are a traditionalist who loves antiques and vintage looks.

Whichever colours you choose to refresh your kitchen be sure they reflect your style and taste. Paying attention to trends is fine, of course, but ultimately, you’re the one (and your family, of course) who is going to live with it. So, pick colours you love, talk with your trusted renovator and decide what works in your particular space. Also, it has to work in the overall appearance of your home. We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again – the kitchen is the family’s favorite room, so giving it a face lift with a fresh coat of paint will no doubt make everyone happy! If you require the assistance of a professional interior designer or renovator in Edmonton or Calgary and surrounding areas, contact the award-winning team at Kay2 Contracting today.

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