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Cleaning Kitchen Countertops


Cleaning Kitchen Countertops:
Tricks & Tips for A Sparkling Surface

Kitchen countertops take a beating in a busy household. The kids drop their school books down and scuff them. A guest spilled red wine during that fabulous New Year’s Eve bash you threw, back when parties were still permitted. And heaven only knows what that food stain is – maybe spaghetti, maybe red pepper dip? The point is, these surfaces have to stand up to a whole lot of use and occasional abuse, and you want to keep them clean, sterile and sparkling. They may represent a good chunk of the money you spent getting the kitchen renovated, so you want them to look great for a very long time.

We get it! Here are some tips for keeping your kitchen countertops looking like they were just installed last month:

1) Warm water and white vinegar for almost any surface. Whether you’ve got granite, laminate, marble or quartz countertops, these products will get them clean and free of germs. At least once a day, wipe down the surfaces with a combination of these two ingredients, and your countertops will look better immediately, without harming the surface.

2) Fresh lemon juice and a little salt for stains. Ideally you should treat stains as soon as they occur, before they have a chance to set, but we know that’s not always possible. As soon as you can, sprinkle a little salt, then squeeze the juice from half a fresh lemon over the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe with a warm, damp cloth. There are few stains this won’t remove, although stubborn ones may need treating more than once.

3) Always use a mild cleanser. If you prefer using a cleanser rather than warm water and vinegar, be sure it’s non-abrasive. Products you would use to scrub the sink will likely scratch quartz, laminate or any other countertop material, so steer clear of them in the kitchen.

4) Micro-fiber cloths work best. For all surfaces, whether you’ve got wood countertops or quartz, the right cloth for cleaning is crucial. Micro-fiber cloths are most gentle for any surface, so keep a pack handy, rather than a kitchen dish cloth or a rag.

5) Ask your professional kitchen installer about cleaning your countertops. Warm water, lemon juice, and the other items we’ve mentioned are all important for maintaining clean, stain-free countertops. But you should ask for advice on the particular surfaces you’ve got from the expert who installed them. For example, wood countertops can be treated with lemon oil, while stone counters should not be. Your kitchen pro will know precisely which products are best for yours.

Kitchen countertops can stay looking new and in top condition if you treat them properly. Make sure you’ve got the right products on hand, treat stains quickly, and your countertops will stay looking brand new for years. If you’re looking to start new with fresh, beautiful countertops contact the experts at Kay2 for a free renovation estimate.

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