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Choosing the Right Counter Top:
 What to Consider for Your Kitchen Renovation


Choosing the Right Counter Top:
What to Consider for Your Kitchen Renovation

Choosing the right counter top when your kitchen is undergoing a renovation is one of the most exciting moments in any update. Counters are used for everything from preparing meals to hosting casual get togethers to being the designated spot where the kids do their homework.

In other words, you want to get this right.

There are many options these days for kitchen counters, in a wide variety of materials that are both beautiful and long lasting. Do you love the look of wood but worry about its upkeep? Is the cost of marble your biggest concern? Here, we offer a few tips to help you make the right choice for this important part of your kitchen renovation.

1) Decide what your priority is. If you have a busy family whose activities center around the kitchen, it’s probably best if you avoid marble or granite. These are both beautiful, natural stone, but they are expensive and require considerable upkeep. Both must be sealed, and when a spill happens – and they always do, right? — you have to attend to it immediately or it might set.

2) Do you have to keep to a tight budget? If money is indeed your biggest concern, along with durability, laminate is likely your best choice. The array of colours and consistency available in laminate can’t be beat, so ask your kitchen installer to help you choose one that’s right for the size and shape of your kitchen.

3) Do you love solid wood? There is no doubt that wood makes a beautiful and natural statement in any kitchen. But it, too, needs regular maintenance and can be susceptible to stains and nicks. Perhaps opting for wood as a focal point, for example as the bottom of your kitchen island, is a more convenient choice.

4) Laminate is great for cost-conscious consumers. This sturdy material is ideal for kitchens that have constant high traffic, lots of activity, and lots of cooking. It is extremely durable, and can take just about anything even the busiest family throws at it! And since there are lots of colours and patterns available, you’ll have many types of laminate to choose from.

The three most important factors you should keep in mind when choosing your new kitchen counter tops are cost, durability, and appearance. Work closely with your professional kitchen designer, and be candid about the look you want for this all-important room, and be transparent about your budget, too!

A professional has access to great deals and knows more about the characteristics of certain materials than consumers do, so their input is vital. Their expertise and knowledge are a helpful guide when you’re selecting new counter tops, so take your time, ask questions, and listen carefully when they offer counsel. After all, that’s why you hired a professional, right? Contact Kay2 Contracting today for your Calgary and Edmonton Kitchen Renovations. 

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